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Even though I live in Europe now, I still look forward to going back to play tourist in the U.S. I spent 18 years growing up in the Twin Cities of Minnesota, and later moving to Chicago for college. I consider both cities home, and have been lucky enough to visit quite a few others cities as well. All of my travel guides are curated for the responsible traveler, to help you be more mindful of self, culture, and the environment. 

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Minnesota Travel Guides

The Best Attractions in St. Paul, MN (MSP Travel Guide Part 2)

As I described in part 1 of the MSP Travel Guide series, it took me 7 years of living in 5 other cities over two continents to appreciate Minneapolis, and St. Paul. And while Minneapolis is certainly the center of action of the two sister cities, St. Paul has all the...

The Best Attractions in Minneapolis, MN (MSP Travel Guide Part 1)

When I was 18 I couldn’t wait to get out of the Twin Cities. I wanted to move to a bigger city with more “culture” and never look back. So I moved to Chicago for college, and only came home for holidays and sometimes in the summer. After college I moved to Europe, and...

The Best Minneapolis Bike Trails

Most people would have never guessed that a city with such infamously long winters is actually a biker’s paradise. Yes, my hometown of Minneapolis is named one of the most bike-friendly cities in the U.S. for “building a freeway system for bikes”. We’re STILL bragging...

Minneapolis Murals: Their Stories And Where to Find Them

One of my favorite free things to do when I’m back in my hometown is to explore the Minneapolis murals. It’s an interactive way to explore the different neighborhoods of town, and the colorful backdrops are of course ideal for the ‘gram. But more importantly, the...

The Best Restaurants in Duluth, MN

For a small town, Duluth is sure full of a lot of flavor. Yep, Duluth is most definitely in the running for an up-and-coming foodie destination, while still remaining true to its humble, blue-collar roots. Most people underestimate the cuisine and culture in Duluth...

The Best Hiking Trails in Duluth, MN (Pictures and Map)

Duluth, Minnesota may be one of the most underrated hiking destinations in the country. The trails of Duluth and the surrounding North Shore region are considered a local gem to us Minnesotans, but it still baffles me how Lake Superior’s beauty and surrounding...

Chicago Travel Guides

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