6 Life Lessons I Learned in My First 6 Months of Blogging

I started my blog a little over half a year ago as a way to channel my passion for writing and build a platform for mindful travel and lifestyle. While I still have a long way to go, I’ve successfully transformed an idea into a reality.

Other than teaching myself the ins and outs of travel writing, SEO, and social media management, I’ve also learned some extremely valuable life lessons that may just benefit you too: Read more

My Commitment to the UN’s Year of Sustainable Tourism with Visit.org

It is no secret to most that I am just as much an environmentalist social-justice advocate as I am a globetrotter. However, these identities can easily contradict each other.

As I discussed in my guide to sustainable travel, tourism is a powerful industry, yet it is without a doubt responsible for widespread wildlife, cultural, and environmental destruction. As travel is now becoming more affordable and accessible, it is crucial that we address this now. Read more

The Reverse Culture Shock After Leaving Croatia

Here is a piece I wrote for Croatia Week Magazine. Within only a short few days the piece was picked up, translated, and shared across across several major Croatian news sites, gaining both positive and some negative feedback. What do you think?

“I never realized how much living in Croatia changed me until I left. I lived in Croatia for about a year in total, first studying abroad in Dubrovnik, and then coming back to stay with my Croatian boyfriend.

But it seems every time I leave, I take a bigger part of Croatia with me, which has led to a collision between American and Croatian culture. To say that I’ve experienced reverse culture shock would be an understatement. Read more

My 2016 Recap + Where I’m Moving in 2017

I think I can speak for almost everyone in that 2016 was one chaotic year. For me, 2016 was a turning point in my life. It wasn’t a year of smooth sailing, which I take as a sign of taking some major leaps. I hit some milestones, like graduating college, kissing my life in Chicago goodbye and launching my own freelance writing career abroad. But between all the moments of success, there was a lot of struggle and even failure. Read more

The Vegan and Toxin-Free Nail Lacquers Taking the Beauty Industry by Storm

I hope you all are having a wonderful holiday season, and for those of you that celebrate, Merry (belated) Christmas! After spending five months in Croatia and another week traveling in Zagreb and Budapest, I’m now back home to my Minnesota roots for a while. My family didn’t really do presents this year, but Santa brought me the perfect treat.

Going into the New Year, I want to rid myself of all unnecessary toxins, both within my personal life and in the products I use. That’s why I’m dying to tell you more about LVX Nails, the vegan and 7-toxin free nail lacquers taking the fashion and beauty industry by storm. Read more