You may be one of 22 million Americans currently unemployed. Or maybe you realized it’s time for a career change. Either way, now is an ideal time to look for long-term remote work. While some industries are struggling with the working from home transition, there are plenty of other remote jobs worldwide.

I remember first looking for remote jobs after college and truly not knowing where to start. The problem is the internet is now saturated with remote job resources, and it can feel overwhelming. Now after losing much of my income this year, I’m finding myself back in these shoes once again.

So, I decided I’d share some resources to help the process a little easier for you. Besides your typical Indeed job postings, this extensive list gives you alternatives for finding remote jobs in your industry.

Please note that I have not used one of these sites or services. These have all come from recommendations from within the “location independent” community and WFH industry.

Best legit remote job sites

Flex Jobs

The problem with many remote work websites is that you don’t always know how legitimate they are. That’s why I was willing to pay $15 a month for a Flex Jobs subscription. Flex Jobs is the widest selection of remote jobs across essentially every industry. From corporate jobs at Apple or Hilton, to remote projects with small businesses, you’ll likely find a type of job that interested you.

What I love is the free skills test that they offer, option of creating a personal portfolio, and resources they provide for telecommuters. Even if you don’t want to join, they do offer a whole host of remote resources and even share weekly success stories. is quite possibly one of the best free remote job websites. This job forum offers a wide selection of jobs across all industries, including legal, data entry, teaching virtual assistant, healthcare, and I.T. Most of the jobs are with mid to large-size companies, and I didn’t see many small businesses on the platform.

What I love most about this platform is that they offer a free newsletter sign up for remote jobs in your industry. This will save you the trouble of saving to search on your own for hours. Plus, once it comes to applying, will forward you to the original job posting.

We Work Remotely

WWR is up there with as being one of the most credible forums for remote jobs on the web. Claiming to be the “top visited” remote job site, WWR offers over 10,000 remote jobs, updated daily. Though there aren’t as many industries on the platform, they offer a wide selection of tech, business analysis, and finance jobs.

WWR worked hard to build an online community with additional crowd-sourced resources. You can join their free slack channel to chat with others looking for remote work to gain further insights.

Working Nomads

Working Nomads offers remote jobs across all industries and appeals to a demographic of self-identified “nomads”. Unlike the previously mentioned, most of the jobs listed here are marketing, design, or writing related. This is ideal of you don’t have 10 years of developer experience or aren’t in the tech industry.

What I loved most about Working Nomads is that you can search by specific skillset, instead of job category. For example, you can look through jobs tagged with “proofreading” all in one place.


If you’re a freelancer, you’ve likely heard of Upwork. If you haven’t this is a platform where instead of responding to specific job postings, you can market your skills and let clients come to you. It’s one of the most legitimate job sites for freelance marketers, developers, graphic designers, and more.

 I personally haven’t used Upwork as the competition is so high I see professionals willing to work for less to get good reviews on their profile. However, I’m thinking about joining as I have a bit more time on my hands now!

Ideas for entry-level remote jobs

Transcription jobs 

If you’re not sure what type of remote jobs to apply for, why not consider transcription? Many websites allow you to begin with little to no experience. These websites listed below will help you get set up even if you’re just starting out. Many claim that they’ve been able to make a solid side hustle using these sites. Plus they all include resources to help you get started!

These are great websites for beginners:


  • Works with Pandora, Harvard University, and more.
  • No experience required
  • Easy Paypal payouts

Speech Pad

  • Works with Netflix, LinkedIn, Yahoo
  • Preference for those with some transcription experience
  • Weekly payouts


  • Works with CBS, Viacom, and more.
  • Easy for beginners
  • Reliable pay and good tech support.

English tutor jobs

english tutoring jobs

If you’re feeling bored and looking to talk to someone, why not get paid to do it? There are millions of people around the world stuck at home looking to improve their English right now. And willing to pay! Whether you’re looking to make a little extra on the side, or become a full-time tutor, there is definitely earning potential here.


  • 1-on- 1 informal setting for conversation practice
  • No teaching experience necessary, but pay is lower at around $10 an hour
  • Ability to set your own hours


  • 1-on-1 English teaching to students in China
  • University degree in any subject required
  • Potential earning of up to $22 an hour


  • Ability to teach languages other than English, such as French, Spanish, etc.
  • Chance to set your own rates (though platform takes 15 percent commission)
  • May register as a professional (degree required) or as a community tutor

Learn more about English teaching jobs online from the experts here.

Remote Healthcare Jobs

Currently many healthcare workers are on the frontline risking their lives to keep us all save. However, there is also a demand for remote healthcare workers as well. Whether you are a trained nurse or worked in health systems management, there are opportunities to work remote.

Most of the general remote work sites offer healthcare jobs, but here are a few others.

Best Doctors

  • Hires registered nursed to help answer medical experts
  • Must be a RN/BSN with medical writing experience.
  • Ability for flexible schedule

Better Help

  • Online counseling for U.S. residents
  • Must provide counseling license and have experience
  • Ability to set your own hours and good earning potential


  • Specializes in remote health management
  • Hires in the U.S. and Canada
  • 3 years of clinical experience required

Remote Jobs Worldwide

It can often be challenging to find international remote jobs. Preference is usually given to those based in the U.S., and for legal reasons, some jobs cannot be done from abroad. There are some jobs that do not require you to be based in the U.S. or even within the Western Hemisphere.

Global Career

With available positions at Google, U.N. Women,  Buffer, and more, this may be one of the most trusted international job boards. Author of the best-selling book “Global Career” created this website as a resource to help others.  He also offers coaching sessions to help others break into the field.

Remote Global

This job site posts jobs from around the world across all industries. You can also narrow your search to Latin America, Asia, Australia, and more. They provide a free job alert e-mail newsletter where you can subscribe to daily e-mails as well.


This remote job site is geared towards those that are located independent, and even “digital nomads”. This gives you flexibility to apply if you travel often (in normal circumstances) or live outside of the U.S. I love how this job site offers resources for co-living with other digital nomads and shares success stories.

Remote Jobs Facebook groups

Say what you want about Facebook. But if you haven’t already utilized Facebook groups within your industry, you’re missing out. Facebook groups helped me grow my skills as a blogger, SEO copywriter, and travel professional.

There are tons of groups that post remote jobs, though you do have to weed out some. Stay away from anything that sounds too good to be true. I recommend engaging with the community in some of these groups, and use the Facebook group search tool.

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