How Travel Bloggers Can Make a Positive Impact

There has to be more to travel blogging than competing for the most drool-worthy Instragram shots in exotic destinations, am I right?

I’d like to think so. But as the industry becomes more saturated (and competitive), it’s easy to loose sight of how our work ties into a narrative much larger than us.

You see, us travel bloggers have the opportunity to be role models in a $7 trillion industry. We have the ability to help foster cross-cultural communication, breaking down barriers in the process.

It’s undeniable that we not only have a responsibility to our followers; we also have a responsibility to every community and culture we pass through.

Here’s how us travel bloggers can use our influence for good: Read more

A Simple Breakdown of Major Airlines’ Sustainability Policies

Correct dates and destination? Check. Affordable tickets? Check. Ensuring the airline optimizes fuel-efficient fleets with a robust waste management policy? Wait what?

Yep, I’m adding one important step to your travel-planning checklist. If you consider yourself someone who likes to travel and cares about the environment, then it’s time to do a bit of research about your airlines. Which airlines are “green-washing” hype and which ones are actually cutting emissions and investing in greener air transport? I’ve done a lot of the work for you. Read more

My Commitment to the UN’s Year of Sustainable Tourism with

It is no secret to most that I am just as much an environmentalist social-justice advocate as I am a globetrotter. However, these identities can easily contradict each other.

As I discussed in my guide to sustainable travel, tourism is a powerful industry, yet it is without a doubt responsible for widespread wildlife, cultural, and environmental destruction. As travel is now becoming more affordable and accessible, it is crucial that we address this now. Read more

The Great Wall of Europe in Ston, Croatia [VIDEO + PICTURES]

Who needs the crowded Great Wall of China, when you can have the Great Wall of Europe all to yourself? Technically called the Walls of Ston, this lesser known attraction towers over the small town of Ston and surrounding Dalmatian countryside. For adventure junkies and nature lovers alike, the Great Wall of Europe is a bucket-list must. Read more

The Importance of Slow Travel

How many times have you come back from a trip more tired and drained than when you left? You put all that time into carefully crafted travel itinerary, down to each hour of each day, but what can you really tell me about the local culture and community? You’re fatigued and it’s all a blur.

This is no way to live, let alone travel. Travel has become more accessible in recent years, but here’s the problem: we’re doing it all wrong. That’s where a concept called “slow travel” comes in. Not only is slow travel better for our own well being, it’s better for the environment and local communities. Read more