The holidays will definitely look different for everyone this year, especially for those of us frequent travelers. Many of us are bummed that we can’t make it home to celebrate with loved ones, while others are equally bummed without an upcoming trip to look forward to. But even in this new normal, kindness and gift-giving isn’t canceled, right?

That’s why I created this list of unique gifts for travelers to inspire some wanderlust from home. From travel-inspired décor to personalized travel gifts, I picked these unique items to help you and your loved one cherish your past adventures.

And in honor of small business Saturday, most of these gifts are made in the USA by local craft-makers. In case you are tempted by Amazon, remember that Amazon makes $17 million every hour! Instead, let’s put some of that money towards small businesses that need our help during these trying times.

Unique gifts for travelers

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State ornaments

Stone shaped state ornaments. Unique gifts for travelers.

Hand-made in MN | $ | Shop here

Nothing like a bit of state pride to make the Christmas tree glisten. These 2.5” clay ornaments are hand crafted in my hometown of Minneapolis, MN. They come in the shape of all 50 states in a variety of turquoise and blue shades. These would be the perfect gift for that someone who can’t make it home for the holidays this year, or even as an addition to your own tree!

Homesick scented candles

Homesick state scented candle. Unique gifts for travelers.

Handmade in USA | $ | Shop here

Speaking of missing home, these state-scented candles are the perfect remedy for homesickness. Each soy wax candle has a custom scent according to the state. Send someone the familiar smell of Minnesota pines or botanical scent of Northern California. Handmade in the USA, these candles are a thoughtful gift for those that might be nostalgic for home this holiday season.

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Custom long distance map

Custom long distance gift art print map. Unique gifts for travelers.

Handmade in Oregeon | $$ | Shop here

In a long distance relationship? Or maybe missing a family or friends from across the country? This long-distance art print allows you to customize your locations with that special someone from afar. Handmade in Oregon, you can also exactly customize the mode of transportation (even internationally!) for your print. There’s no better way to represent that loves truly knows no distance!

Coastal 3D wooden map

Wooden topography great lakes map wall art. Unique gifts for travelers.

Hand-made in USA | $$$ | Shop here

Know someone who loves nautical décor? These wooden maps are contoured with 3D detail, customizable to any coastal region in the U.S. The maps display details like roads, landmarks, and towns, and the size also varies from 11” by 14” up to 24” by 30”. This would be the perfect gift to remind someone of their happy place on the water.

State cheese board

State shaped cheese board. unique gifts for travelers.

Handmade in USA | $ | Shop here

Serve up a slice of state pride with these cheese boards. Hand-crafted in the USA , these boards come in the shapes of all 50 states or the entire shape of the USA. Each board is made to order with bamboo for a durable, smooth finish. These cheese boards are the perfect accent piece for the kitchen while we are all spending more time at home this winter.

City skyline wine glasses

city skyline wine glasses.

Made in USA | $ | Shop here

Raise a glass to your favorite city with these skyline wine glasses. Handmade in Baltimore, this wine glass collection includes skylines of most major cities across the USA. All the glasses are dishwasher safe, and perfect for the wine lover or city dweller in your life. Alternatively, check out these neighborhood map-printed glasses.

Color world map mugs

Imported | $ | Shop here

Know a globetrotter who is missing the world right now? These ceramic mugs allow you to chart your past travels, either across the USA or the world. The mugs are dishwasher and microwave safe, and come with one magic market to color your cup. This is one of the best unique gifts for travelers to remind someone of their past adventures.

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Polaroid travel memory coasters

personalized travel gift coasters idea. unique gifts for travelers

Handmade in RI |$$ | Shop here

Speaking of past adventures, these coasters will remind that someone of their favorite travel memories every time they take a sip. You can customize this travel coaster set with any four photos and small captions. The marble coasters measure 4” by 4” and are handmade in Providence, RI. This is the perfect personalized travel gift for your travel buddy or significant other to re-live your favorite moments together.

Hiking trail mugs

hiking trail mug.  unique gifts for travelers

Handmade in USA | $$ | Shop here

Know someone who loves the outdoors? These hiking trail mugs will remind them of their favorite treks. Handmade in the USA, each mug is made to order from porcelain ceramic and are dishwasher safe. The maker features a variety of popular hiking trails across the USA, such as Yosemite National Park and Smokey Mountains. The minimalist mugs are a great way to remind them of their favorite moments on the trail.

Coordinates silver necklace

latitude and longitude coordinates necklace.  unique gifts for travelers

Handmade in CA | $$ | Shop here

This sterling silver necklace allows you to customize the latitude and longitude coordinates to a certain place close to someone’s heart. Handmade in California out of recycled material, the necklace also features a compass symbol alongside the coordinate pendant. This is the perfect personalized travel jewelry to let your loved one celebrate your special place together.

Custom map silver bracelet

Custom map silver bracelet.  unique gifts for travelers.

Handmade in USA | $$$ | Shop here

Perhaps you’re thinking of a bracelet? This sterling silver bracelet allows you to add a custom map of any location in the world. Handmade in Maine, the bracelet comes in sterling silver or bronze. The nautical-style bracelet has an elegant design that will make your love one feel like they are carrying that special place with them everywhere they go.

Bluetooth headphones sleeping mask

Wireless headphones sleeping mask.  unique gifts for travelers

Imported | $$ | Shop here

Tune out the world at home or on the road with this wireless headphones sleeping mask. Using Bluetooth connection, this device allows you to play your favorite jams while blocking out light and bad vibes. The cushioning lining is made of polyester and cotton, supporting your head while the beats lull you to sleep. This would be the perfect gift for a business travel who is frequently on the road.

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Lifestraw filtered water bottle

Importer | $$ | Shop here

A resuable water bottle is one of the best green gifts for travelers, and Lifestraw is one of the most reputable, eco-friendly brands. The original Lifestraw filter removed 99% of bacteria, and is the perfect size for a stocking stuffer. Otherwise, this Lifestraw water bottle uses the same filtration technology within a water bottle. This is the perfect gift for that frequent traveler and outdoor adventurist in your life!

Adventure Safety Kit

hiking camping safety kit. Unique gifts for travelers.

Imported | $$$ | Shop here

Know someone who looks to camp and get out in the wilderness? This adventure safety kit is perfect for hiking and camping journeys. The kit includes a rope, can opener, fire starter, candle, match, whistle, wire straw, water purification, and a flashlight all in a 9” aluminum tube! This gift could quite literally be a life-saver for someone in your life!

USA coloring tablecloth

USA coloring table cloth.  unique gifts for travelers.

Imported | $ | Shop here

Need a new activity to do with the kids? This tablecloth will help kids learn geography by coloring their way through the USA. It’s a great way to teach kids about the state capitals, birds, flowers, and landmarks. The cloth is 100% cotton, measuring 50” by 33” and can be used with any washable markers. Just throw it in the wash when you’re done and save it for another time!

Grandparents pen pal kit

grand-parents pen pa set. unique gifts for travelers.

Made in USA | $ | Shop here

Every day can feel like Christmas when you get a hand-written letter in the mail, especially for grand-parents! This pen pal set features engaging activities, writing prompts, and gratitude exercises that will get the family to bond, even from afar. The set is handmade in the USA, and may be the next best things to the kids hugging their grandparents this season.

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