Why is travel so rewarding to me? It expands my horizon to new cultures and perspectives. It’s a reminder for me to let go and let a little more adventure in.

As a proponent of mindful travel, forming meaningful, personal connections is essential to me. That’s why TRRTLZ bracelets are my perfect little reminder.

TRRTLZ Braceletsdsc083131

TRRTLZ bracelets have a message behind each colorful bead. The intent is to spread kindness and #shareyouradventure by passing on the bracelets to someone else. This could be family old friends, or even new friends. Over time, the hue of the bracelets fades, creating a custom color to each individual’s adventure.

I loved this idea right off the bat, which was why I was really excited when TRRTLZ sent me some bracelets to try for myself. The concept reminded me a bit of sharing “arm candy” at music festivals, yet TRRTLZ seemed more meaningful.

I’ll admit: I usually don’t wear a lot of bracelets or colorful jewelry on a regular basis. But the whole concept of #shareyouradventure really got me thinking about finding a creative way to connect with others.DSC02103

That’s when I decided that I would use the bracelets as a way to remind myself to build rewarding friendships and connections while traveling. I would give one away to a new friend whom I had a meaningful connection with as a small little token of friendship and good luck.

Sharing my Adventuredsc07750

Before my recent move to Ireland, I was back home in Minnesota for a few weeks during the holidays. I finally got coffee with someone I always wanted to connect with on a deeper level, though we seemed to always miss each other. As we chatted about her upcoming move to India (how cool!), I passed on a few TRRTLZ bracelets for her adventure.

Now that I’m in Ireland, I’ve also give a few away. One night at a pub I met a few other locals from Cork City and talked with them about everything from Irish culture to David Bowie. They were really excited that I came all the way from America to live in Ireland. Before we parted ways, I gave them a few TRRTLZ bracelets from America.

Throughout my time in Ireland and traveling in Europe, I hope to continue this custom I’ve created. I’m often extroverted when I feel comfortable, but sometimes while traveling I get lazy and/or nervous about talking to new people. I’m going to use these bracelets as a way to remind myself to get out there wherever I am. Most of all, I’d really like to focus on making connections to others from a diversity of backgrounds. I’d like to give a little something in exchange for those willing to share their story with me.

Where to Buy TRRTLZdsc08300

TRRTLZ bracelets start at $1 each, and are sold at various retailers, such as Target, Walmart, Claires, and now even Amazon. They come in a variety of colors and shapes, from Hello Kitty to NFL themes. I really love that TRRTLZ  helped raise awareness for sea turtle protection. The company has also partnered with breast cancer research and ALS non-profits.


My goal is that within a few months, my colorful TRRTLZ bracelets will be scattered across the world, around the wrists of those who have brought meaning to my own adventure. #shareyouradventuretrrtlz-bracelets-shareyouradventure-jpg

*Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by TRRTLZ bracelets. Thoughts and opinions are always genuine and my own. 

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