Women’s healthcare is crucial no matter where you in the world. PERIOD.

But have you given a second thought about the harmful ingredients lurking in your own feminine hygiene products? Or what about the unfortunate fact that millions of women don’t even have access to period products at all?

Well ladies, I’d like to introduce you to my new best friend with a solution to both of these problems. She’s the talk of the town, in Women’s Health, Vanity Fair, and Cosmopolitan. Yep, ThisisL is the ethical and eco-friendly feminine hygiene product line that’s changing the game for women across the globe.

The truth you need to know

Organic, eco-friendly, and ethical period products that you should know about. Featured in Cosmo, Vanity Fair, and Women's Health. Click for discount code and to learn more about ThisisL!.jpg

The only thing that annoys me more than the monthly visit from aunt flo is the fact that mainstream conversations about it are still very much a taboo. So before I begin here, to anyone who is uncomfortable with conversations about women’s health and wellbeing, you can see yourself out.


Now, let me ask you, do you have any idea the chemicals in your tampons and pads? No? Well, you’re not alone, because the FDA has no idea either,actually.

Yep, you read that right. Feminine hygiene products are minimally regulated in the U.S, and minimally across the world. Most manufacturers bleach rayon to make it white by using chlorine dioxide, which is known to cause reproductive and developmental impairments at certain levels.

There’s also been zero studies about the effects of artificial fibers, pesticide, and chlorine in tampons and pads. It’s also not required to list the ingredients in products in many countries. And yes, your precious pearl is the most absorbent part of the body.


Pissed yet? Well, I’m only getting started. Not only is it bad for your own body, regular cotton is terrible for the environment! Conventional cotton, used in regular tampons, uses more insecticides and pesticides than any other crop in the world. These toxins are terrible for workers and the planet.

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But this is nothing compared to the fact that some women don’t have access to feminine hygiene products at all. This is especially common in the “global south”.

For example, one in 10 girls in Sub-Sahara Africa miss school altogether during their cycle without proper tampons or pads. Many girls drop out of school all together once they start their menstrual cycle. (According to a UNESCO report and numerous studies).

What ThisisL is doingDSC09693

Luckily ThisisL is do-good company providing a solution to these problems, and more. Former United Nations and Red Cross Photojournalist Talia Frenkel founded this San-Fran based company.

ThisisL “brings you period products without the harmful chemicals. No chlorine. No synthetics. No B.S.” The products are made hypoallergenic with certified- organic cotton. FDA approved. Without a doubt the coolest and most conscious fem hygiene products on the market.

The best part is? For every purchase made, they donate feminine hygiene products to a woman in a developing country. The company works with over 3,000 female entrepreneurs across the world to help provide women with the period products they deserve. It’s a win win, really.

So we can have one less thing to worry about and can get back to running shit.


Tried and tested myselfDSC09759

I’m obviously not going to recommend something to you all without trying it myself! Anyone who knew me in my college years knew I was all about organic tampons (lol), but to be honest I never really found a good fit. Like, I’m sorry but whatever Whole Foods was trying to sell me for 10 dollars a box was just not working for me

From my own experience, I can now say that the ThisisL products were kind of magical. Obviously the packaging is totally aesthetically on point. But most importantly, they were super comfortable and wearable. I really did feel better about the fact that I knew I could trust the company and what was in the products.

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On a scale of 1 to 10, I rate them this:


(20/10, for those that don’t speak Beyonce).

How to join the movementDSC09767

Now, if you’d like to join the moment and support a do-good female owned business, listen up!

You can either buy these products online, or even in Target. Otherwise, I would recommend trying out the monthly subscription. One box of 10 tampons or pads starts at about $5, and gives you the luxury of being at your doorstep every month. AND you’ll get your second box for free once you sign up.

Use my code MERMAID15 at checkout for an extra 15 percent off your online purchase.

Also (though I haven’t tried them myself) ThisisL also makes ethical and eco-friendly condoms for all your spicy mermaids out there. And for every package purchased, they donated condoms to women in developing countries in an effort to stop the AIDS epidemic.


Simply put, I’m hooked. And I’m fairly certain you cool and conscious mermaids will be too.

Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by ThisisL, however, I genuinely recommend these products and believe strongly in the company’s mission. As always, my thoughts and opinions are my own.

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