I hope you all are having a wonderful holiday season, and for those of you that celebrate, Merry (belated) Christmas! After spending five months in Croatia and another week traveling in Zagreb and Budapest, I’m now back home to my Minnesota roots for a while. My family didn’t really do presents this year, but Santa brought me the perfect treat.

Going into the New Year, I want to rid myself of all unnecessary toxins, both within my personal life and in the products I use. That’s why I’m dying to tell you more about LVX Nails, the vegan and 7-toxin free nail lacquers taking the fashion and beauty industry by storm.

Color-popping quality you can’t deny

Honestly, for most of my life I’ve never painted my nails. I’ve always preferred my nails short, and I’m usually too careless to keep my nail polish from chipping. I also have always felt restricted by fake nails (I can’t text, can’t open jars, can’t do anything with those things…), and that most likely won’t ever change.

So the fact that I’m now genuinely raving about LVX Nails should tell you something. I’d heard of the brand in Chicago from many of my fashion-forward friends, and the first thing that took my eye was the colors. Each shade pops with personality, and LVX takes the season’s “in” colors straight from the Balmain and Gucci runways.15621994_1709395985988030_4034656642666602083_n

After my friend gifted me the beautiful Aria shade, I was hooked. The color is extremely rich and gives drug store brands a run for their money. What I love most of all is that the polish is extremely long lasting, perfect for the klutzes of the world like myself.

When I recently came back from Croatia, I was so excited when LVX gifted me the beautiful fall/winter collection 2016. Again, you can tell the brand is on their A-fashion game with shades like hunter green to brownish mauve.dsc07452

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I chose the former for my hands and the latter for my toes, and I’ve received so many compliments! I paired my nails with a green velvet bodysuit, cropped dress pants, and a shaggy grey jacket.dsc07411dsc07444

Ingredients you can trust

Those of you that know me well know that I’m the queen of obsessing over natural beauty products. Why? Because the $60 billion beauty market is the most unregulated industry in the United States(more on that here). So believe me when I say my paraben and toxin-free products is a well-researched choice.dsc01334

Nail polishes are usually the worst in the beauty industry, containing the infamous 7-toxins, including Formaldehyde and TPP. Studies have shown these toxins to be carcinogenic and can mimic estrogen in the body. The Huffington Post cited a recent study from Duke University which found that “we absorb at least one potentially hormone-disrupting chemical every time we get a polish.” In short, I don’t want anything to do with all those toxins.

LVX Nails prides itself on its mindful ingredients just as much as it’s quality. Not only are they all 7-toxin free, they are also vegan, cruelty-free, and made responsibly in the USA. I wrongly assumed that all nail polishes are vegan, but it turns out that some polishes use crushed up bugs and other strange things for the pigment. dsc07412

Though the $16 polishes are pricier than most, you’re paying for the luxury of quality color and quality ingredients. The fashion and the beauty industry are just starting to respond to demands of cleaner ingredients, and LVX is at the forefront of that movement.

LVX Nail lacquers may have changed the way I feel about my own nails. I now feel like it’s a way I can further express myself and tie it in with my own personal style. Most of all, I trust the brand to bring me the season’s latest colors with conscious ingredients.

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*The LVX Winter/Fall collection 2016 was generously given to me as a gift from LVX Nails. As always, all opinions are genuine and my own.

9 thoughts on “The Vegan and Toxin-Free Nail Lacquers Taking the Beauty Industry by Storm”

  1. I love these colors! So perfect for a mermaid like you! I’m always on the look out for beauty products that aren’t bad for me, the environment, or animals. Thank you for the recommendation! I’ll check it out!

  2. Awesome blog! I love these color. Thus excellent for imaginary being like you! I’m continuously on the planning out for beauty merchandise that isn’t unhealthy on behalf of me, the atmosphere, or animals. Many thanks for the recommendation! I‘ll spend for this. Thanks! for sharing. See you again.

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  4. At first, I was skeptical about vegan nail polish on how it will hold up. I tried all sorts of brands and I am impressed. I am proud on how nail polish evolves and they improve their formula.

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