For a fairly small town, Dubrovnik, Croatia sure does have an abundance of beaches. Even though the Old Town gets packed with tourists in the summer months, there are surely enough seaside escapes to go around for everyone. And as an American expat in Dubrovnik, I can tell you that many of them are vastly undiscovered.

The secret to finding the best beaches in Dubrovnik is venturing beyond the Old Town. You’ll be pleasantly surprised that if you hop on a bus or take a walk a bit outside of the city, you’ll do the entire Dubrovnik region a little justice. Whether you are traveling kids, as a couple, or on a girls’ trip of a lifetime, you’ll surely find your sweet spot here.

The 15 Best Beaches in Dubrovnik:

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1. Danče Beach

Area: Pile

How to get there: 10 minute walk from Old Town

Beach type: Rocky

Best for: Swimming and meeting locals

Sun chairs: no

Danče is quite possibly one of the most authentic beaches in Dubrovnik, and it also happens to be the oldest. Because of its hidden location, it is mainly known as a hotspot among locals for swimming and getting a nice tan on the rocks.

Though it’s not a sandy beach, it’s one of the best places to swim in the Dubrovnik area. There is even a small cave that you can swim into and a beach bar that runs during the day. This place is ideal for in-the-know travelers that want to have a swim and a beer with locals.

2. Sveti Jakov Beach

Area: Near Old Town

How to get there: 15 minute walk from the Old Town

Beach type: pebbles

Best for: Tanning with a view, Instagram shots, and family fun

Chairs: Yes

If you’re looking for a scenic beach easily accessible from the Old Town, Sveti Javoc Beach is my personal favorite. It has one of the most breathtaking views in the entire Dubrovnik area, and unlike Banje, it’s usually less crowded.

Not only is this one of the most Instagrammable places in Dubrovnik; it is also very family friendly. Unlike beaches like Dance, this pebbled beach is perfect for the little ones learning to swim. You’ll have to watch them though, as there isn’t any lifeguard.

There is also a beach bar and restaurant near here where you can take a break throughout the day. Otherwise, it is a perfect place to pack a picnic.

Alternatively, you can kayak here on the kayaking tours below, which is one of my FAVORITE things to do in Dubrovnik. The tours will also take you to some of the hidden cave beaches that you can only get to by kayak in this area. You can book one of these tours below.

3. Pasjača BeachDubrovnik best beaches in Croatia

Area: Konavle

How to get there: car or uber

Beach type: Pebbles

Best for: Swimming and taking in the gorgeous scenery. Also family friendly.

Chairs: No

Pasjača Beach may be perhaps one of the best local gems of the Dubrovnik region. Sadly, many tourists think that Dubrovnik is only the Old Town and miss this area entirely. Konavle is the region near Dubrovnik’s airport, and this a gorgeous cliff-side walk along the Adriatic will take you to this hidden beach.

The beach itself is not that big, however, the incredible scenery makes up for it. Most tourists don’t bother making the trek out here, but if you have a car or are willing to take an Uber, it is completely worth it. You won’t find any beaches in Croatia quite like this one.

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4. Copacabana Beach

Area: Lapad

How to get there: Bus 10 from Old Town or 20-minute walk

Beach type: Sand/pebbles

Best for: Luxury vacationing and partying

Chairs: Yes

Cococabana is a private beach club and the “it” place if you’re looking to party or sip cocktails in a private cabana. This place is also a mix with locals and tourists, because of the frequent beach and summer parties. You can usually find some type of DJ or summer party going on, and it’s a great place to meet people.

They also sometimes have those huge unicorn or flamingo floaties if you are keen to take some dreamy #croatiaholiday Instagram shots.

5. Banje Beach

Area: Old Town

How to get there: 5 minutes from the Old Town

Beach type: Pebbles

Best for: Cooling off after wandering the Old Town. Parties at night.

Chairs: Yes

Banje beach is definitely the most popular in Dubrovnik among tourists. While it does have a stunning view of the Old Town, Lokrum Island, and the Adriatic, it is not my favorite. It can get extremely crowded during the summer months, and I think there are better options in the area.

However, they do often have parties here in the evening, which can be a lot of fun.

6. Plat beaches

Area: Plat in Zupa

How to get there: Bus 10 or 16 from Dubrovnik. Or by boat from Dubrovnik Old Town port.

Beach type: Pebbles

Best for: Escaping the crowds, and being with kids

Chairs: Yes

Plat in the Zupa region of Dubrovnik may be one of the most underrated areas in Croatia. Yes, this place has a special place in my heart, but objectively speaking it also probably has the most beaches per square meter than area other small village or town in Croatia.

Plat is fairly small, boasting a few restaurants and a beach bar/club, but the area has a total of 5 public beaches. One of the beaches has a great local restaurant right on the water called Poseydon. Another beach has a small local beach bar called “Coco Beach Club” right next to it. It’s a great area to go and meet locals and escape the crowds. It is also extremely accessible by bus or car.

7. Mlini Beach

Area: Zupa

How to get there: Bus 10 or 16 from Dubrovnik. Or by boat from Dubrovnik’s Old Town Port

Beach type: Rocks and pebbles

Best for: Walking along the beach, fun with the family.

Chairs: Yes

There aren’t just one but several beaches in the Mlini area. Though they are popular for vacationers that stay in various hotels in the Zupa area, some tourists that stay on the other side of town completely miss them.

These beaches are all connected by walkway and easily accessible by bus or by car. You simple just have to walk down near Hotel Astarea and you’ll find a stretch of them. There is both a beach bar and restaurant to enjoy here and also a nice outdoor park if you are traveling with kids. You can also check out Caffe Bar Gusar (Pirate Club), pictured above, which is a bar right on the water that often has live music or beach parties.

8. Srebreno Beach

Area: Zupa

How to get there: Bus 10 or 16 from Dubrovnik. Or by boat from Dubrovnik’s Old Town Port.

Beach type: Pebbles

Best for: Relaxing and shopping

Chairs: Yes

Most people know Srebeno as the area with Dubrovnik’s biggest mall. However, this area also boasts a gorgeous bay and a great beach for relaxing and sun bathing. Located just behind the Sheraton Hotel, the beach here is surrounded by shops, coffee bars, and seaside walkways.

You’ll find a few beach boutiques and of course the mall, if you’d like to do a little shopping too. There is also a restaurant called Lokal and Guzmarin Gastro & Bar in the area that I love.

9. Lokrum Nude Beach

Area: Lokrum Island

How to get there: Boat from Dubrovnik’s Old Town Port.

Beach type: Rocks

Best for: Adults, tanning in solitude

Chairs: No

If you’re looking to get rid of those tan lines while having an island adventure, I recommend checking out the nude beach on the island of Lokrum. Of course there are many other “beaches” on the island, which mainly consist of large rocks right on the water. But towards the tip of the island you have one of the only beaches in the area where you can bear it all.

However, because of the lay out of this rocky beach, you usually won’t be able to see many people behind the various layers of rocks. This is perfect if you are a little bit shy and want to be left alone. My one piece of advice is to stay away from the rocks down right on the water, because sometimes kayakers and tour boats go by. Unless you don’t mind.

10. Sulic Beach

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Area: Pile

How to get there: 5 minutes from Old Town

Beach type: Pebbles and rocks

Best for: Swimming and drinking at the beach bar

Chairs: No

If you’re a game of thrones fan, Sulic beach is a must. This beach is one of the best hidden places to swim and only 5 minutes outside of the Old Town, behind the Lovrijenac fort, also known as King’s Landing. You can choose between sitting on the pebbled beach and swimming from the concrete area.

What I love about this beach the most is that there is a beach bar next to it that has swings. It’s one of my favorite places to have drinks while taking in the gorgeous view.

11. Sunj Beach

Area: Lopud Island

How to get there: Boat from Old Town Port

Beach type: sand

Best for: Day trip, family

Chairs: Yes

Sunj beach is probably the only sandy beach that you will find in the Dubrovnik area. Lopud is the most popular of the neighboring Elaphiti islands along the coast, and is a short boat ride from Dubrovnik.

This beach is ideal if you’d like to spend a day trip outside of the city for the day, and the island itself is perfect for couples and families. If you’re planning on spending the entire day at this beach, it’s best to go to this island individually.

However, if you’d like to see all of the Elaphiti Islands individually, you can do this by boat or kayaking tour. Visiting these islands is one of the most popular day trips from Dubrovnik. Kayaking the Elaphiti Islands is perfect if you’re an adventure junkie looking to check “exploring the hidden gems of the Croatia’s coast” off your bucketlist. Otherwise, the boat tours (especially the legendary Karaka ship) are a relaxing alternative popular for families and groups of friends. You can book either of these tours below.

12. Štikovica Beach

Area: Zaton

How to get there: Bus or car

Beach type: Pebbles

Best for: Going with car and enjoying the surrounding area

Chairs: Yes

A hop, skip, and a jump over the Dubrovnik Bridge will take you the neighboring seaside village of Zaton. You’ll find that Štikovica is the most popular of the beaches, and in a prime location for sun all day long.

There are a few restaurants and a pizzeria in the area as well as a parking area. This beach would be perfect for spending the day with the family.

14. Ključice Beach

Area: Cavtat

How to get there: Bus 10 or 16 from Dubrovnik. Or boat ride from Dubrovnik’s Old Town port.

Beach type: Pebbles and rocks

Best for: Getting off the beaten path

Chairs: No

While you’re in Dubrovnik, make sure you take at least a day to check out the area of Cavtat. Not only is it a quainter and less crowded version of Dubrovnik, it also has the best walking trails along the water in the entire area.

Along these trails you’ll find Ključice beach, which is usually a combination of locals and tourists alike. There are many shops, restaurants, and coffee shops in the area, so it is best to make a day out of it.

15. Uvala Beach

Area: Lapad

How to get there: 20 minute walk from Dubrovnik

Beach type: Pebbles

Best for: Meeting new people, traveling with kids

Chairs: Yes

Last but certainly not least is Uvala Beach in the Lapad area of Dubrovnik. This is probably one of the most popular beaches outside of the Old Town, and for good reason. There is a water slide, numerous bars and restaurants, and even walking paths that led to some other smaller coves and beaches.

It’s quite a combination of families, couples, and friends at this beach, so it is one of the best places if you’re trying to meet locals or other travelers. The picture above was taken from the hotel bar Kompas, which has a great view of the beach.

Cave bar more is also in the area if you walk along the walkway.

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