Zagreb’s Award-Winning Christmas Festival Proves Croatia is More Than a Summer Destination

Huddling for warmth in wooden huts, sipping hot wine, indulging in sausages on a stick, while singing holiday classics with crowds from all corners of the globe: it’s no surprise why Europe is a hub of holiday festivities. Yet, one lesser-known European destinations is taking this season as an opportunity to show the world it’s magic.

This year I made it a point to visit the Advent Christmas festival in Zagreb, after seeing it won Europe’s Best Christmas market in 2016. From each park filled with live music and twinkling trees, to the various carefully crafted outdoor displays and attractions, Croatia’s capital city has clearly put in the effort to earn its title. Zagreb’s advent Christmas festival is helping pave the way for Croatia to become a year-round vacation destination. Read more

Why Zagreb is Europe’s Up-and-Coming City

Cobble-stoned streets are overflowing with avant-garde coffee shops and cafes. The Austro-Hungarian Architecture is coupled with old communist buildings covered in graffiti. Green spaces, music venues and national monuments cover seemingly every corner of the city.

Croatia’s inland capital is a striking contrast to the Adriatic coast. Zagreb is a modern, hip, and less-crowded alternative to Prague or Vienna. Here’s why Zagreb is the up-and-coming European city you need to know about:

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The 10 Things I Realized From My First Solo Travel Trip

It was something I was terrified of at first, but knew I needed to do. I kept putting it off for weeks until I finally came to the conclusion that if I don’t do it now, I never will. I wasn’t sure why I had such a strong urge to go, but I soon found out why.

Last night I just returned from my first solo travel trip, one of the most memorable trips I’ve taken to date. Read more