Authentic Cuisine and Culture at Dubrovnik’s Good Food Festival (VIDEO)

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: October is my favorite time in Dubrovnik. The crowds begin to die down, the weather is sunny with a nice breeze, and I still consider it warm enough for swimming. If that’s not enough to visit during this month, now there’s one more reason: Dubrovnik’s Good Food Festival.

For the last four years, this four-day event has been drawing in a combination of locals and hungry foodies from around the world. I’d say that this year was the best festival yet. Read more

Pelješac, Croatia: Exploring Wine and Oyster Country [VIDEO + PICTURES]

Experience the magic of the coastal countryside.

Cloaked in vineyards and painted with desolate Adriatic coves, Pelješac is one of Croatia’s best kept secrets. 70 kilometers outside of Dubrovnik, the region is home to quality wines, fresh oysters, and endless seaside views. Pelješac is ideal for the traveler looking for an authentic experience, removed from overbearing tourism marketing. Read more

Tavulin Wine and Art Bar: A Taste of Authentic Dubrovnik

(My piece was originally published in Croatia Week)

You can hear the faint jazz music in the distance complimented by a quiet chatter and a gentle clinking of wine glasses. Freshly painted artwork is delicately placed along archaic brick walls. The dimly lit candle light illuminates a quaint side street of Dubrovnik’s Old Town, secluded from Stradun’s commotion. It’s as if this venue is purposely hidden, attracting only those willing to discover a less commercial, local experience. Read more