6 Mindfulness Tips for Millennials

Many of us could use some added mindfulness into our daily lives—especially us millennials.

We are the instant-gratification seeking generation that grew up with the digital age. We value self-fulfillment and social impact. And yet, it’s so easy for us to feel overwhelmed and under pressure.

Let’s take a step back and see what simple steps millennials can do to realign our selves in order to feel valued and content. Read more

Cork City Chronicles: the Luck of the Irish

It didn’t hit me that I was actually moving to a new country (again) until the plane was about to leave. Once I finally made it on the plane, buckled my seat belt, and heard the engine starting to fire up, I realized there was no turning back. I sent out my last “Taking off now, love you!” texts and accepted my unpredictable journey ahead.

I was overwhelmed with a feeling of déjà vu. Leaving it all behind becomes an easier pill to swallow after every time I leave. But my roots weren’t just in Minnesota anymore. I built roots in Chicago, then Croatia. I am now branching my roots in Cork Ireland, with the luck of the Irish on my side. Read more

The Great Wall of Europe in Ston, Croatia [VIDEO + PICTURES]

Who needs the crowded Great Wall of China, when you can have the Great Wall of Europe all to yourself? Technically called the Walls of Ston, this lesser known attraction towers over the small town of Ston and surrounding Dalmatian countryside. For adventure junkies and nature lovers alike, the Great Wall of Europe is a bucket-list must. Read more

Pelješac, Croatia: Exploring Wine and Oyster Country [VIDEO + PICTURES]

Experience the magic of the coastal countryside.

Cloaked in vineyards and painted with desolate Adriatic coves, Pelješac is one of Croatia’s best kept secrets. 70 kilometers outside of Dubrovnik, the region is home to quality wines, fresh oysters, and endless seaside views. Pelješac is ideal for the traveler looking for an authentic experience, removed from overbearing tourism marketing. Read more

Dubrovnik Diaries: Establishing a Plan

As the massive crowds begin to die down and the leaves change color, I feel like I’m back in the authentic Dubrovnik I used to know. Autumn in Croatia means transitioning from the chaos of peak tourism season into the slower paced winter lifestyle. However, for me, the change in seasons has been a brash reminder that I needed to come up with a plan. Read more