Why Are Croatians Moving to Ireland?

*This article was originally published in Croatia Week

My Croatian boyfriend first went to work in Ireland when he needed to make extra money to pay off his college tuition. When we ran out of employment options in Croatia, Ireland was the easy choice once again.

After getting my working holiday visa, the American and the Croat packed up and moved to Cork City, Ireland to build a new life. I quickly realized we weren’t the only ones with this idea. Read more

The Reverse Culture Shock After Leaving Croatia

Here is a piece I wrote for Croatia Week Magazine. Within only a short few days the piece was picked up, translated, and shared across across several major Croatian news sites, gaining both positive and some negative feedback. What do you think?

“I never realized how much living in Croatia changed me until I left. I lived in Croatia for about a year in total, first studying abroad in Dubrovnik, and then coming back to stay with my Croatian boyfriend.

But it seems every time I leave, I take a bigger part of Croatia with me, which has led to a collision between American and Croatian culture. To say that I’ve experienced reverse culture shock would be an understatement. Read more

War-Torn Paradise: Inside the Croatian Village Life

*This piece is a combination of my own observations and historical accounts from Plat locals.

The chirping of nested birds replaced my morning phone alarm. I walk out the unlocked front door through an archway of overgrown vines, grabbing a few figs and grapes along the way to take the dog for a walk. I pass several tourists and say “Dobar Dan” to the locals rushing to their seasonal jobs.

The spotless beaches and pristine nature makes Plat a quiet paradise. Yet the untouched, demolished buildings are a reminder that this place, and its people, suffered a tumultuous past.

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Tavulin Wine and Art Bar: A Taste of Authentic Dubrovnik

(My piece was originally published in Croatia Week)

You can hear the faint jazz music in the distance complimented by a quiet chatter and a gentle clinking of wine glasses. Freshly painted artwork is delicately placed along archaic brick walls. The dimly lit candle light illuminates a quaint side street of Dubrovnik’s Old Town, secluded from Stradun’s commotion. It’s as if this venue is purposely hidden, attracting only those willing to discover a less commercial, local experience. Read more

Flags, Fire, and Accordions: Inside the Croatian Wedding Experience

I stretched my head out of the window,  because the balloons took up majority of the back seat. We were in a unison of cars driving into the Old Town of Dubrovnik, each car with a bow on the rear-view mirror. The repetitive sound of obnoxious honking turned into a distant lull after the first 10 minutes. Tourists stopped in their tracks and cocked their heads in curiosity,  wondering what was this scene before them. The locals smiled at us, because they knew.

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