A Conscious Approach to Water (World Water Day)

In the early 1990s, the United Nations established March 22 as World Water Day in an effort to bring awareness to global water issues. Over 20 years later, water is perhaps more sacred than ever.
The water crisis is the number one global risk, based on impact to society. 1 in 10 people in the world lack access to safe water. Oh, and update: Flint, Michigan is STILL included in that figure.

As an environmentalist mermaid myself, I’d like to encourage us all to think more critically about water. That’s why I’d like to use World Water Day as an opportunity to highlight these critical issues and what you can do to help. Read more

The Ultimate Insider’s Guide to Dubrovnik

Drum roll please… I’m about the drop the ultimate knowledge bomb full of insider travel tips to one of the world’s trendiest destinations: Dubrovnik, Croatia. Trust me when I say you won’t find these tips in any Lonely Planet Guide or one of the various “36 hour travel guides” on Pinterest.

Why? Because I didn’t just visit Dubrovnik; I lived there. I first came to study abroad, then fell in love, literally, with a local. I then returned to live for another 6 months. I’m one of the lucky few Americans that actually were immersed in the culture and Dubrovnik mentality.

No tourist traps. No sponsorships. Only my genuine tips (and a few of my boyfriend’s recommendations too) about a destination that turned into my second home:

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Why Are Croatians Moving to Ireland?

*This article was originally published in Croatia Week

My Croatian boyfriend first went to work in Ireland when he needed to make extra money to pay off his college tuition. When we ran out of employment options in Croatia, Ireland was the easy choice once again.

After getting my working holiday visa, the American and the Croat packed up and moved to Cork City, Ireland to build a new life. I quickly realized we weren’t the only ones with this idea. Read more

Narnia is a Place on Earth, and it’s Not Where You’d Expect…

Throughout my entire childhood (okay, adulthood too) I dreamed of opening my closet only to find it a portal to Narnia. The winter wonderland that C.S Lewis described in his fantasy novels captured the imagination and hearts of millions. But what if I told you that fiction could become a reality?

Okay, so without the evil witches and talking beavers, of course, there is a place on earth covered in waterfalls and flowing streams, painted a twinkling silver right out of a storybook. What’s most surprising is that it is hidden in a place you would least expect it. Read more

Zagreb’s Award-Winning Christmas Festival Proves Croatia is More Than a Summer Destination

Huddling for warmth in wooden huts, sipping hot wine, indulging in sausages on a stick, while singing holiday classics with crowds from all corners of the globe: it’s no surprise why Europe is a hub of holiday festivities. Yet, one lesser-known European destinations is taking this season as an opportunity to show the world it’s magic.

This year I made it a point to visit the Advent Christmas festival in Zagreb, after seeing it won Europe’s Best Christmas market in 2016. From each park filled with live music and twinkling trees, to the various carefully crafted outdoor displays and attractions, Croatia’s capital city has clearly put in the effort to earn its title. Zagreb’s advent Christmas festival is helping pave the way for Croatia to become a year-round vacation destination. Read more