Where to Find the Best Beaches in Algarve, Portugal

Imagine the Cliffs of Moher combined with a Mediterranean climate and sandy beaches, and you have the Algarve region of Portugal. This idyllic area is the Southern most post of Portugal and home to what I would consider Europe’s most scenic beaches.

You’ll find sandstone rock formations towering over spotless beaches and a rugged coastline scattered with grottos (caves) and coves. The Algarve is ideal if you’re looking to escape to a combination of nature and sea.

That’s why I’ve rounded up where to find the best beaches in the Algarve region. Read more

Celebrating 1 Year of The Mindful Mermaid!

It began with the decision to take a leap of faith and live life by my own rules. What started as a process of self-discovery turned into digital storytelling. What started as a loose concept transformed into a brand.

One year ago, I passed the mic to my alter ego, and she ran with it. The Mindful Mermaid is a growing corner of the Internet about my journey, and a platform for being cultured, conscious, and cool.

So to celebrate her first birthday, let’s recap the highlights of this past year and reveal what’s coming next! Read more