Destination inspiration

Not sure where in the world you’d like to go? I feel you. Here are my suggestions broken down by different activities and interests, so you can plan a trip of a lifetime.Whether you’d like to hit the beach, escape for a city break, or get lost in nature, all of my guides are curated to help you be a more sustainable and mindful traveler. 

Cultural destinations

The Best Northern Italy Travel Itinerary (7 days)

If you ask any Italian, they will tell you that there is a significant difference between Northern and Southern Italy. Southern Italy is best for seaside escapes and exploring the capital city of Rome. But Northern Italy is best for biking around the lake, indulging...

Beach destinations

The 15 Best Beaches in Dubrovnik, Croatia

For a fairly small town, Dubrovnik sure does have an abundance of beaches. Even though the Old Town gets packed with tourists in the summer months, there are surely enough seaside escapes to go around for everyone. And as an American expat in Dubrovnik, I can tell you...

Nature escapes

Active destinations

The Best Hiking Trails in Duluth, MN (Pictures and Map)

Duluth, Minnesota may be one of the most underrated hiking destinations in the country. The trails of Duluth and the surrounding North Shore region are considered a local gem to us Minnesotans, but it still baffles me how Lake Superior’s beauty and surrounding...

The Best Minneapolis Bike Trails

Most people would have never guessed that a city with such infamously long winters is actually a biker’s paradise. Yes, my hometown of Minneapolis is named one of the most bike-friendly cities in the U.S. for “building a freeway system for bikes”. We’re STILL bragging...

Best city breaks 

Foodie destinations

The Best Restaurants in Duluth, MN

For a small town, Duluth is sure full of a lot of flavor. Yep, Duluth is most definitely in the running for an up-and-coming foodie destination, while still remaining true to its humble, blue-collar roots. Most people underestimate the cuisine and culture in Duluth...

Best Things to do Near Shoreditch High Street London

Tucked away in East London outside of the conventional tourist traps, you'll find the the hipster haven of Shoreditch, London. And iconic street art, outdoor markets, cheap street food, and vintage shops all meet at the cross road of Shoreditch's high street. A trip...

Dreamy destinations

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