An Eco Guide to The Cliffs of Moher and Aran Islands

The longer I’ve lived on the Emerald Isle, the more I’ve become fascinated with its incredible landscape. Perhaps what’s most impressive is how hard Ireland works to preserve it.

During my visit to the West Coast of Ireland, I set out with Wild Atlantic Day Tours to see two of Ireland’s most majestic natural attractions: The Cliffs of Moher and the Aran Islands. From the spotless beaches of Inis Oirr, to the thriving Wildlife of the Cliffs, these sites are a must-see for eco-travelers and nature lovers.

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Chelsea and Notting Hill: Exploring London’s Most Colorful Neighborhoods

To those who says “London is gloomy and colorless”, you’re not looking hard enough. Follow the pastel pathways draped with wisteria and you’ll find yourself in London’s most colorful neighborhoods: Notting Hill and Chelsea.
These west-side neighborhoods are the best places to see London’s colorful side, especially with spring in bloom.
Here’s all the must-see hotspots for in-the-know travelers:

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Dubrovnik Diaries: Making Headlines and Exits

When I first decided to return to Croatia after graduating this past summer, I had really no idea what was waiting for me. I knew I wanted to relax and spend time with my boyfriend while building my blog. I knew I wanted to further immerse myself in the local culture.

Several months later, I’m staring at myself on the cover of a Croatian magazine “American Blogger in Croatia”. This reminds me how far I’ve come, marking both the ending and a beginning of a new era. Read more