Where to Find the Best Beaches in Algarve, Portugal

Imagine the Cliffs of Moher combined with a Mediterranean climate and sandy beaches, and you have the Algarve region of Portugal. This idyllic area is the Southern most post of Portugal and home to what I would consider Europe’s most scenic beaches.

You’ll find sandstone rock formations towering over spotless beaches and a rugged coastline scattered with grottos (caves) and coves. The Algarve is ideal if you’re looking to escape to a combination of nature and sea.

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10 Experiences You Must Have in Lisbon

We zigzagged uphill along the narrow cobble stone streets, through an array of iconic painted tiles, juxtaposed next to a freshly painted graffiti mural. I could faintly hear the Portuguese Fado music coming out the front door of each quant coffee shop and restaurant. The air smelled of wine, stew, and salt from the ocean.

Finally, our tiny winding road opened up into a Miradoura (look out point) over the entire capital city’s citrus colored roofs and vast pacific horizon. I usually would take out my camera at this point, but instead I just stood there for about five minutes taking it all in. That’s the moment I fell deeply in love with Lisbon.

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The Couple’s Guide to Sintra, with Lisbon by Beetle [VIDEO + PICTURES]

If Lisbon is for hipsters, then Sintra is definitely for lovers. This area filled with UNESCO world heritage sites is known as the birthplace of Portuguese romanticism and boasts some of the country’s most elegant palaces.

With the mountainous terrain stretching over 300 km, the most practical way to experience Sintra is by car. That’s why we hopped in a vintage convertible with Lisbon By Beetle for one romantic getaway we will never forget. Read more