You don’t need to stay in luxury accommodation to experience the best of Dubrovnik, Croatia. In fact, camping in Dubrovnik may be the best ways to immerse in the region’s lush, seaside landscape for a fraction of the cost of any hotel or apartment.

Pitching tent in the Pearl of the Adriatic is ideal for those taking a road-trip throughout Croatia or the Balkan region. This is already quite popular for Eastern or Central European travelers, and is becoming more popular for non-European natives as well.

Whether you’re traveling with kids or friends, camping is a budget and eco friendly way to enjoy the “pomalo” mindset of Dubrovnik.

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When to go Camping in Dubrovnik

Most camps in Dubrovnik open in April and close in October. The weather is still quite warm, about 25 C or 75 F on several days during the opening/closing months. If you’re looking to avoid the crowds and massive summer heat, I would shoot for visiting during April or May, or September or October.

June-August are the peak summer months, with temperatures rising to 35 C or 90 F. This can make camping a lot hotter, even if you are in the shade. Also prices during this time also increase slightly to account for this.

I’d also note that you should plan on bringing your own camping equipment, although a few places do rent. You will pay a daily price to stay at each campground, usually per person, and you also may have to pay extra for amenities like showers and wifi.

Most camps claim that they are friendly for those with special needs and disabilities, however, I’d contact any of these properties directly to see the full scope of this.

Most of the camps also claim to be pet-friendly and most of the below should have free parking on site or nearby.

Campsites in Dubrovnik and surrounding area

1. Camp SolitudoDubrovnik Cable car

Area: Lapad area of Dubrovnik

Wifi: Yes

Facilities: Showers, bathroom, electricity, washing machines, cafe, nearby pools and beaches.

Price: 18-30 Euros per day

Camp Soltiudo is actually the only campsite you will find within central Dubrovnik. It is located in the Babin Kuk area of Lapad and technically associated with the luxurious Valamar hotel.

Staying here you can have the perks of using the hotel pools and sports facilities without having to pay the price. The area is also near Copacabana and Cava beach, several shops, grocery stores, and nearby restaurants. If interested, you can also rent a camping home here instead of pitching a tent.

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This option is best if you would like to be closer to the Old Town and pay a little bit extra for hotel facilities. The campground is open from April to October.

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2. Camping Kate

Area: Plat, Zupa

Wifi: Yes

Facilities: Showers, bathroom, nearby beach, tent rental, washing machine, electricity.

Price: 10-15 euros per day

Camp Kate is a place you wouldn’t find unless you were looking for them. Indeed, both of these campsites, also in the Zupa area are not as well known, but boast some of the region’s best nature and beaches. The Mlini area is known for having gorgeous walking trails, beaches, and an abudance of seaside restaurants, and is still only about 6 kilometers from Dubrovnik’s Old Town.

This site is best if you are looking to get off-the-beaten path where the locals go.

3. Camp Kupari

Kupari plat zupa srebeno beaches in dubrovnik croatiaArea: Kupari, Zupa

Wifi: Yes

Facilities: Showers, electricity, bathrooms, nearby beach, nearby mall, nearby gas/ petrol station

Price: 7-13 euros per day

Camp Kupari is also in the Zupa region of Dubrovnik, only 6 kilometers from the Old Town of Dubrovnik. The campground is centrally by the nearby Sub City Mall, grocery store, petrol station, bus stop, and several nearby restaurants and shops.

Of course, you will be able to find several nearby beaches within walking distance in Kupari, Srebeno, and Mlini. Also, one of my favorite restaurants and bars called Lokal is close to here as well.

This option is ideal if you’d like to be close to Dubrovnik’s biggest malls, grocery stores, and beaches, but still close to the Old Town. This campsite is open from year round.

4. Autocamp Laguna 

Area: Plat, Zupa

Wifi: Unknown

Facilities: Showers, bathrooms, nearby beaches, shops and grocery stores.

Price: 11-15 euros per day

Autocamp Laguna is nestled in the small seaside village of Plat in the Zupa area of Dubrovnik. The site is located about 400 meters from the beach and a beach restaurant. It’s perfect for relaxing at the beach, while still being only 8 kilometers from the Old Town.

It is easy to get to central Dubrovnik from this area either by bus or boat from Plat’s harbor. The entire Plat area has 5 beaches two restaurants, and a beach bar. It is also near the town of Cavtat.

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This option is best if you’d like to be close to the beach in a quiet and shaded area. The campground is open from April to October as well.

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5. Autocamp Matkovica

Area: Srebreno, Zupa

Wifi: Unknown

Facilities: Showers, bathroom, nearby beaches, shops, restaurants, and grocery store.

Prices: Unknown

Autocamp Matkovica is another hidden gem in Zupa. Srebeno is the area where the Sub City Mall is, also with a variety of shops, restaurants, and nearby walking trails and beaches. The camp is only about a 3 minute walk to the beach, and near the bus system to go into central Dubrovnik.

The website does not have much information, but you can reach out and contact them with any questions.

6. Camp Pod Orasac

Sailing near orasac and Dubrovnik, Croatia. Area: Orasac

Facilities: Showers, bathroom, laundry machine, electricity, free cooking facilities

Prices: Between 10-15 euros per day

On the other side of town is Camp Pod, or “Pod Maslinom” in Croatian. This campsite is located in the outskirts of Dubrovnik in the village of Orasac. 11 kilometers outside of Dubrovnik, This campsite is under a shaded bed of olive trees and only steps from the beach. The village has two grocery shops, gardens, and a few restaurants nearby.

This option is ideal if you’d like to be situated in an ideal location between Dubrovnik and Ston.

7. Prapratno Camp

Area: Ston, Peljesac

Wifi: Yes

Facilities: bathrooms, showers, nearby restaurants, beaches, and sports facililities

Prices: Unknown, but likely similar to the rest

I’ll be honest with you in that I think that Prapratno is one of the most gorgeous areas in all of Croatia. Actually, maybe in all of Europe. The beach and surrounding landscape here looks something like Bali meets Tuscany. For this reason, Prapratno is one of the most popular beaches in the Peljesac area. The campsite is extremely close to the town of Ston, and only 55 kilometers away from Dubrovnik.

This option is best if you’d like to be centrally based in the Peljesac region. The camp runs from May until October.

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8. Nevio Camp

Area: Orebic, Peljesac

Wifi: Yes

Facilities: Bathrooms, shower, on-site restaurant and swimming pool, beaches, sports facilities.

Prices: Between 8-12 euros a day

As the only 4-star campsite in the Dubrovnik area, it is no surprise why Nevio Camp won Croatia’s best campsite for the past three years. The campsite is located on the end of the Peljesac peninsula, which is a short ferry ride to the islands of Korcula, Mljet, and Hvar. The area has almost everything you could possibly need on-site.

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This option is best if you’re interested in luxury camping and exploring the neighboring Croatian islands. The camp runs year round.

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9. Autocamp Lovor

Area: Kozarica, Mljet island

Wifi: Yes

Facilities: Showers, bathrooms, beaches, forested biking areas restaurants

Prices: Between 15-20 euros a day

Across the pond to the island of Mljet, you’ll find a sanctuary of turquoise waters, untouched nature, and some of the best seafood in Croatia. If Mljet wasn’t already on your Dubrovnik bucketlist, allow me to convince you with this article here. Autocamp Lovor is the only camp on the island of Mljet. It is located in the village of Kozarica, a short walk from the beach. The site is centrally located next to Mljet’s national park and not far from where Mljet’s main harbor.

If you are wondering how to get to Mljet with a car, you can take a car ferry from either Ston or Dubrovnik. This option is best for those looking to explore the best of Dalmatian nature and sea.

Make sure to stop by Maestral restaurant and tell them Alex, the Mindful Mermaid sent you!

10. Port 9 Camping

Area: Bay of Shells, Korcula island

Wifi: Yes

Facilities: Showers, bathroom, electricity, on-site restaurant, beach, sunbeds, and close to Korcula town.

Price: Between 25-35 Euros a day

Lastly, you can also camp on the legendary Korcula island at Port 9 camping. The campground is conveniently located only 2 kilometers from the central Korcula town, while the rest of the island’s outstanding vineyards, beaches, and forests are easily accessible. The area is technically called the “bay of shells”, which is near the main harbor and a stretch of beaches. You can also take the car ferry to Korcula from Peljesac, but not Dubrovnik.

Port 9 camping is ideal if you’d like to be central in Korcula town, while close to Dubrovnik by passenger ferry.

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The map below can give you a general idea of where all of these campsites are. If you haven’t already, make sure to check out my local’s guide to Dubrovnik to find everything you need to know about your stay in Dubrovnik.



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  1. I visited Dubrovnik (and other cities in Croatia) about a month ago and feel very positive about the idea of camping. I know it would be a great experience since the campgrounds in the country are really well equipped. We stayed on simple accommodation and din’t spend a lot of money on that but I love to camp and Croatia is an ideal location to experience the thrill of that activity. I hope to return soon!

  2. I’ve been longing to visit Croatia for years, and I JUST started planning an actual trip there next year. I hadn’t thought of camping, but it could be a good option! Thanks for your helpful post!

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