Dubrovnik is an ideal base for so many day trips throughout Croatia and the Balkan region. In fact, this is one of the reasons why I moved here. Even though the “pearl of the Adriatic” may be a small town itself, I keep busy by taking many Dubrovnik day trips whenever I can. Living here as a local I rarely get bored, so there’s no way you’ll run out of things to do here as a tourist.

The best day trips from Dubrovnik include, nearby islands, national parks, and other small towns in the Balkan region. The good news is that you definitely don’t need a car to take these day trips. There are SO many tour operators, and you have the choice between large, small, or private group tours.  You can book tours to most of these trips through the links below.

Know before you go: Dubrovnik Transport

One of the most frequent questions I get as a Dubrovnik travel blogger is about transport in and around Dubrovnik. There ARE buses and public ferries, but there is no train or tram. There also isn’t a high-speed road/freeway between Dubrovnik and Split, or Dubrovnik and other countries in the Balkans.

This means that transport, whether by car, bus, or boat, isn’t quite as efficient compared to say, Germany. While some other guides included Split and Sarajevo on their day-trip guide, I wouldn’t recommend these destinations for day trips. You’ll spend more time traveling, especially during peak tourism season. It’s better to visit for longer than a day.

The below list of trips are within a maximum of 3 hours from Dubrovnik. This will give you a sufficient amount of time to spend the day in each destination. Do note that travel times listed may be higher during peak season. If you have a car, you should try to leave by 8 a.m. to avoid traffic.

If you’re crossing over into Montenegro or Bosnia and Herzegovina, make sure you bring your passport! You’ll need it for when you cross the border, EVEN if you’re part of a group tour.

Here are the 15 best Dubrovnik day trips:

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1. Dubrovnik to Lokrum

Island of Lokrum near Dubrovnik, Croatia, with many beaches and peacocks wandering the island. Lokrum is the most  popular of many Dubrovnik day trips

Type: Island

Travel time: 15-20 minutes one-way, 40 minutes round-trip 

Transport: Boat or private tour

Cost round-trip: 22+ Euros

Best for: Exploring nature and relaxing on the beaches

Season: April-November

Located right across from the Old Town, Lokrum is the nearest island to Dubrovnik and one of the most popular day trips in the area.  The island is full of unique plant and animals species, such as peacocks and huge bunnies. There are plenty of family friendly gardens and beaches to explore with kids, and also a hidden nude beach for adults secluded from the crowds. Also, there is a legend that this island is haunted at night, so no one sleeps over on the island!

You can get here simply by taking any of the ferries from Dubrovnik’s Old Town harbor. Otherwise you can book a tour of Lokrum to learn about the unique history below.

2. Dubrovnik to Elaphiti Islands

Lopud, one of the 3 inhabited Elaphiti Islands near Dubrovnik Croatia. View is from the top of a mountain in Lopud.
Lopud Island, one of the three inhabited Elaphiti Islands. Photo via Wikimedia Creative Commons

Type: Islands

Travel time:

Transport: Boat tour or public ferry

Cost round-trip: 40+ Euros for tour

Best for: Swimming, island hopping, nature

Season: April-November

The Elaphiti Islands are the best way to see a lot of Dalmatia in a little amount of time. You can take an Elaphiti island boat tour and visit all 3 islands of Lopud, Sipan, and Kolocep.

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The islands also have beautiful beaches, so if you’d like to spend more time here, I’d recommend taking the Dubrovnik ferry here on your own. Otherwise, you can visit all three islands below.

3. Dubrovnik to Mljet Island

Panoramic view of the Adriatic Sea and green landscape from the island of Mljet. Photo features the Prozura Bay, with an island shaped like a heart.

Type: Island and national park

Travel time: 1-hour one-way, 2 hours round-trip

Transport: Public ferry or tour

Cost round-trip: 25+ EUR

Best for: Exploring nature, biking, visiting the National Park

Season: Year-round

Mljet is one of my favorite places in all of Croatia. It is a haven for untouched nature, and is considered to be the “greenest” island in Croatia for all of the forests. A trip to Mljet wouldn’t be complete without visiting the National Park, which is great for biking. It is also home to a lake, with an island on the island itself.

You can either take the public ferry here from the Gruz port in the Old Town, or book a tour of Mljet below.

4. Dubrovnik to Korcula Island

Island of Korcula near Dubrovnik Croatia, featuring flowers and coastal beach. Korcula is one of the most popular Dubrovnik day trips

Type: Island

Travel time: 1.5 hours one-way, 3 hours round-trip

Transport: Public ferry or tour

Cost round-trip: 30+ EUR

Best for: Wine, architecture, and beaches

Season: June-September

If you love wine architecture, and the luxury travel, I would definitely recommend heading to Korcula. The Old Town has some similarities to Dubrovnik, and the entire island is known for having excellent wines. There are many lux beaches, restaurants, and shopping to indulge in. (You can check out this guide for more). You can take the public ferry from Dubrovnik’s Gruz port here, or book a tour to Korcula below.

5. Dubrovnik to Srebeno/Mlini region

View of Srebeno bay near the Sheraton Hotel from a Mlini Villa.

Type: Town

Travel time: 15 minutes from Dubrovnik, 30 minutes round-trip by bus

Transport: Bus or boat from Dubrovnik

Cost round-trip: 5 EUR by bus or 15+ EUR by boat

Best for: Beaches, walking, cafes bars, and shopping mall

Season: Year-round (May-November for boat)

Mlini and Srebeno are sister towns in the Zupa area of Dubrovnik. Although it still is technically considered to be in Dubrovnik, many tourists never visit this part of town! Especially in July and August, it’s a great place to escape the crowded Old Town and have a wider selection of beaches and many seaside-walking areas. You also have the Sub City Mall, if you need to grab anything last minute. Most of all, you have some great restaurants in the area, including my favorite Lokal in One Suite Hotel.

To get here, you take bus 10 from Dubrovnik going towards Cavtat. You get off right when you see the Sub City mall, which you may have drove past while coming from the airport. From here, you can walk towards the Sheraton Hotel, and this walking path will lead you through Srebeno and into the quaint seaside town of Mlini.

6. Dubrovnik to Konavle region

Dubrovnik best beaches in Croatia
Pasjaca Beach in Konavle

Type: Town

Travel time: 25 minutes from Dubrovnik, 30 minutes round-trip

Transport: Tour (or car)

Cost round-trip: 30+ EUR for tour

Best for: wineries, farm-to-table foods, nature, beaches

Season: Year-round

Most people don’t think much of Konavle, other than being home to Dubrovnik’s airport. Konavle is actually one of the most untouched parts of the area. It is full of vineyards, farms, valleys, hidden castles, and even a few gorgeous beaches. Most of all if you’re looking for authentic Dubrovnik food, make sure you head to Konavle.

The only way you can realistically get around here is by car, unless you wanted to take a cab or Uber to a restaurant (I recommend Monkovic). But if you want to see the entire area, I highly recommend booking a tour below.

7. Dubrovnik to Cavtat

The Bay of Cavtat near Dubrovnik, Croatia. Cavtat is one of the most popular Dubrovnik day trips

Type: Town

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Travel time: 30 minutes one-way, 1 hour round trip

Transport: Bus, boat, or private tour

Cost: 5 EUR for bus, 10+ EUR by boat or tour

Best for: Cuisine, seaside nature, relaxing at the beach

Season: Year-round

Not too far from Konavle is the winner of the “best small town in Croatia”. Cavtat is getting to be just as popular as Dubrovnik for its charming Old Town and beaches. It’s also one of the best places to go walking, as there is actually a flat walking loop along the water with a decent amount of shade.

If coming from Dubrovnik, take bus 10 here towards Cavtat. Otherwise, you can take a boat trip here from Dubrovnik’s Old Town port.

8. Dubrovnik to Peljesac Penninsula

Type:  Area/peninsula

Travel time: 1.5 hours one-way, 3 hours round-trip

Transport: Bus or private tour

Cost: 10 EUR for bus to Ston, 25+ for tour

Best for: Hiking, wine, oysters, and beaches

Season: Year-round

It’s only a matter of time before Peljesac becomes the new Tuscany. This peninsula is known for having some of the best wine and oysters not only in Croatia, but all of Europe. It is also home to the Walls of Ston, the second longest fortress walls in the world. After an awesome hike, you can either relax in the town of Ston, or check out some of the neighboring beaches, like Prapatuno Beach.

You can only take the bus to Ston from Dubrovnik, so you will have to take bus 15 from the main bus station in Gruz. If you’d like to explore beyond Ston (highly recommended) you can take a wine or nature tour of the region.

9. Dubrovnik to Slano

Slano Beach near the Grand Admiral Hotel near Dubrovnik, Croatia.

Type: Town

Travel time: 1-hour one-way, 2 hours round-trip

Transport: bus

Cost round-trip: 10 EUR for bus

Best for: Relaxing at the spa, beaches.

Season: Year-round, but best in summer

Slano is a tiny town between Dubrovnik and Peljesac that mainly targets luxury tourists. This is because of the popular resort, the Grand Admiral Hotel, a place of quiet luxury right on the Adriatic Sea. I absolutely LOVE the spa here, and it is definitely one of the best in the Dalmatian region.

As far as the town of Slano, there are a few local restaurants with fresh seafood and authentic cuisine. It’s also a cute town to walk around and get a feel for the Croatian village life. You can visit Slano via car, bus 12 from Dubrovnik, or private tour.

10. Dubrovnik to Kotor

View from the Walls of Kotor, overlooking the Kotor Bay, Stone Old Town, and the surrounding mountains. Kotor is one of the most popular Dubrovnik day trips.
Photo credit to Diego Delso via Wikimedia Commons

Type: Town in Montenegro

Travel time: 1.5 hours one-way, 3 hours round-trip

Transport: Tour

Cost: 20+ EUR for tour

Best for: Hiking, architecture, scenery

Season: Year-round

Kotor is probably one of the most popular day trips from Dubrovnik, next to Lokrum and Mostar. Even though it’s only about an hour and a half away, the tiny Montenegrin town offers almost completely different scenery than Dubrovnik. Lush, green mountains surround the Bay of Kotor and the quaint Old Town.

Kotor is also an ideal place for hiking. You can hike up the walls of Kotor and get a fantastic view of the entire bay. You can get to Kotor via car or tour. If you happen to go by car, I recommend leaving as early in the morning as possible to avoid a wait at the border.

11. Dubrovnik to Budva

Type: Town in Montenegro

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Travel time: 2 hours one-way, 4 hours round-trip

Transport: Tour

Cost: 20+ EUR for tour

Best for: Beaches, architecture, and cuisine

Season: Year-round

Kotor is along the way to the town of Budva in Montenegro. If you have enough time, you should really try to visit both. Budva is similar to Dubrovnik in that the town is right along the Adriatic with many beaches, ports, and a beautiful Old Town. It’s known for great nightlife and is popular among Russian tourists as a luxury destination on the Adriatic.

If you visit Budva by car or private tour, I also recommend checking out the nearby area of Sveti Stefan featured above. It is a quiet area with amazing nature, walking trails, and luxury accommodation.

12. Dubrovnik to Lake Skadar

Type: Town in Montenegro

Travel time: 2.5 hours one-way, 4 hours round-trip

Transport: Private tour or rental car

Cost: 25+ EUR

Best for: Nature, scenery, and cheap eats

Season: April-November

Lake Skadar National Park is one of the lesser-known areas to Dubrovnik tourists. The region looks much more like something out of Vietnam than it does in Europe. The area is covered in pine forests, mountains, and small villages, while the lakes are spotted with lily pads and home to much wildlife. It’s also a great place to indulge in local cuisine for great prices.

There aren’t many tour operators visiting Lake Skadar compared to Kotor or Budva. It would also be impossible to see all three in one day. However, if you were more interested in nature, I would recommend visiting Lake Skadar instead, either by private tour or renting a car.

13. Dubrovnik to Mostar

View from the Mostar Mosque of Mostar Bridge and Old Town with river and Ston buildings. Mostar is a popular day trip from Split and Dubrovnik.

Type: Town in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Travel time: 3 hours one-way, 6 hours round-trip

Transport: Tour or rental car

Cost: 25+ EUR

Best for: History, architecture, shopping, and cuisine

Season: Year-round

Ahh, Mostar. A fan favorite day trip for many, and I can’t blame them. Mostar is completely different than Croatia and even Europe as a whole, due to the influences of the Ottoman Empire and Turkish culture. Mostar has a complicated history both before and after the Yugoslavian war. This is why you’ll see “never forget” written throughout the Old Town in Mostar, the year the Mostar Bridge was destroyed.

But as a result, Mostar today is a beautiful, resilient city with both Catholic and Islamic influences. Make sure to have a Bosnian coffee, visit the view from the top of the Mostar Mosque, and check out the Mostar Bazaar when you visit.

The best way to learn about the history is to explore the town with a tour or a private guide.

14. Dubrovnik to Kravice Waterfalls

Kravice Waterfalls near Mostar, featuring a lush green forest and 20 separate waterfalls. Kravice is a popular Dubrovnik day trip during the summer.
Photo via Flickr

Type: National park

Travel time: 3 hours one-way, 6 hours round-trip

Transport: Tour or rental car

Cost: 25+ EUR

Best for: Nature and landscape

Season: May-September

If you don’t have time to visit elsewhere in Croatia and visit Krka National Park and/or Plitvice Lakes, definitely make it a point to visit Kravice Waterfalls. Usually this trip is grouped in with a visit to Mostar. The Kravice Waterfalls in Bosnia and Herzegovina stretch about 25 meters high with 20 separate waterfalls. It’s a great place for a picnic or coffee break. It also is now the other waterfall in the region that you can swim in (since you can no longer swim in Krka).

It does get quite busy here during the summertime, so keep that in mind. The only way to really get here is to go by car or tour.

15. Dubrovnik to Supetar Island

Sailing near orasac and Dubrovnik, Croatia.

Type: Island near Dubrovnik

Travel time: 1-hour one-way, 2 hours round-trip

Transport: Tour

Cost: 25+ EUR

Best for: Untouched nature, beaches

Season: June-September

Last but certainly not least, is the island of Supertar off the coast of Cavtat. This is the place to be if you’re looking to escape to a lesser-known island near Dubrovnik, and experience authentic Dalmatian life. Supetar is filled with nature, wildlife, and beaches with no one around. There is also an abandoned shipwreck dating to the 3rd and 4th century A.D!

You can either pack a picnic for the day, or eat at the Robinson restaurant on the island, which is popular among locals. The only way to get here is by private tour.

You can book a trip to this island here.

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