Rise to the sound of locals chatting while sweeping their stone steps, in a quiet corner of Dubrovnik’s Old Town. Open your bedroom balcony to find yourself surrounded by coastal cliffs and the endless, Adriatic horizon. Curl up with a book in a lush garden while the smells of fresh rosemary, homemade olive oil, and ripe fruit fill the air. These are among some of the unique experiences that the accommodation in Dubrovnik offers.

While it may be a small region, rest assured that you have plenty of options for Dubrovnik accommodation. You probably know by now that the “Pearl of the Adriatic” is quite popular, and for good reason. The problem is, there are so many hotels and apartments to choose from. It can be hard to pick where to stay in Dubrovnik.

As an American living as a local in Dubrovnik, I’ve spent A LOT of time over the past 5 years exploring the vast sea of accommodation. Not only do my partner and I plan custom trips and events here in Dubrovnik, I’ve also stayed in many of these accommodations I will go on to recommend.

So, unlike other accommodation guides out there, I can actually tell you about all of these Dubrovnik hotels and accommodation options from an insider’s perspective. Whether you are a budget backpacker, traveling with kids, on your honeymoon, or a “flash”packer, there’s something here for everyone.

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Where to Stay in Dubrovnik

Area:Distance from Old Town:Price:Transport options:Best for:
Old Town0 km$$$WalkingHistory, architecture, boutique hotels
Pile and Ploce1-2 km$$$Walking or taxiBest views, beaches, and boutique hotels
Gruz2.5 km$$Walking, bus, or taxiLarger complex hotels, better for groups
Lapad3 km$$$Walking, bus, or taxiLarger luxury hotels, good restaurants, and walking area.
Zupa10-13 km$$Bus, taxi, or boat taxiNice beaches, seaside walkways, better value.
Cavtat20 km$$Bus, taxi, or boat taxiSmall seaside town near Dubrovnik.
Konavle20-25 km$TaxiBest for agro-tourism, need rental car

With so many hotel websites out there, you may be wondering which one to book through. You’ll find that in Dubrovnik, Booking.com is the primary platform to book accommodation. Not only does Booking.com offer the biggest selection of hotels, B&Bs and apartments in area, the platform is preferred by locals over Airbnb.

For our family apartment rentals, we only list on Booking and not on Airbnb. However, I do know a few people that only use Airbnb, or even just VRBO.

I personally recommend using Booking in Dubrovnik and Croatia in general, because of the flexible cancellation policies and ability to pay at the property.

Accomodation in Dubrovnik Old Town

Staying within the Old Town’s city walls is definitely a magical experience. You’ll be able to feel the essence of the UNESCO World Heritage Site within the quiet dawn and dusk hours of the day. You’ll also be right in the heart of Dubrovnik’s history.

Before booking accommodation in the Old Town in Dubrovnik, please know that prices will be much higher, and you’ll also have to tolerate crowds more than any other area of the city. The town does get extremely packed within June-August, so September-May would definitely be less crowded.

You can read about the best tours to book in the Old Town here.

Hostels in Dubrovnik Old Town

For budget travelers, you only have the choice of 4 hostels within the Old Town. First you have Buza Hostel, which is near the legendary Buza Bar, the Cave Bar in the Old Town. You have Hostel Angelina on the other side of the Old Town, in a relatively quiet street and area of the town.

The City Place Hostel and Hostel Amnesia, which are both very central to the main Stradun and area of the Old Town. These options would be good if you want to meet people and be in the center of action.

Hotels in Dubrovnik Old Town

Above 5 Restaurant at Boutique Hotel Stari Grad

There are very few hotels within the Old Town itself, because it is difficult to build even boutique hotels in many areas of this precious city. I would highly recommend Boutique Hotel Stari Grad, which has excellent service and is known for the great rooftop restaurant, Above 5. I love coming here for a romantic sunset dinner, so this is definitely a romantic place to stay if you happen to be honeymooning!

Another boutique hotel in the Old Town is called Pucic Palace, in a quaint but central area of town. The only other hotel that is about a 2 minute walk from the Old Town is the Hilton Hotel, right outside the Pile Gate. While it isn’t a boutique hotel, this is definitely one of the best hotels in Dubrovnik both because of its location and excellent service.

Apartments in Dubrovnik Old Town

Old Town definitely has more apartments than hotels, due to its small size. Most of these are run by locals that rent out their apartments in the summer months. For example, this apartment is a very traditional Dalmatian design to it.

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This villa has a rooftop terrace overlooking the Old Town, steps away from the main Old Town attractions. This option would be great for a couple that wants to stay in a central location. This palace apartment definitely has some of the coolest decor I’ve seen here in Dubrovnik, also with a rooftop terrace!

Also great for a couple or even a small family would be this apartment. I love the combination of modern design with traditional stone walls! It’s also located in a quiet area of the Old Town.

This fun, yet modern apartment would be ideal for a family or group. I love the pops of turquoise in the decor, and it receives raving reviews.

Dubrovnik Apartments Near the Old Town

If you’re looking to stay within 5-15 minutes walking distance of the Old Town, your best bet is to probably stay in the Pile or Ploce region. THIS is the area you’ll find the most apartment rentals in Dubrovnik, because these areas have a gorgeous view over the Old Town and Adriatic.

The Ploce area is right by the Ploce gate into the Old Town, the gate closer to the island of Lokrum. Pile is right by the Pile Gate, closest to the fortress, or “King’s Landing”.

You should note that both areas definitely require some stairs. This is part of what gives these areas such a great view! Definitely plan ahead of time when coming here.

Ploce area Dubrovnik apartments

Ploce Apartments near the Old Town to rent. A local's guide to accommodation in Dubrovnik

I love this area in particular, because when I first came to study abroad here, this is the area I stayed! This apartment is conveniently located right next to the Ploce gate, so it doesn’t require a lot of walking. Also, checkout that balcony view!

This studio would be perfect for two travelers, also with a sea-view terrace and new design. This area has one of the best views of the Old Town, yet is quiet and secluded. A little further down the road, this 1-bedroom apartment is huge, also with a great view! This is definitely ideal for the stylish, decor-obsessed traveler.

Lastly, these sea-view apartments offer a range of studios, 1 bedroom, and up to 2 bedroom apartments, all with a prime view overlooking the sea. The view is definitely worth a few more flights of stairs, and I know these apartments are some of the best in central Dubrovnik.

Pile area Dubrovnik apartments

Lovrijenac stone fortress overlooking the Adriatic in Dubrovnik, Croatia. Fortress is also known as "King's Landing" from Game of Thrones.

On the other side of the Old Town, the Pile area also offers breathtaking seaside views, AND a view of the Lovrijenac fortress. This area is great if you’d like to be in between the Old Town, and the Gruz port.

I love the lush gardens combined with the modern decor of this apartment. It’s also nearby to one of my favorite hidden beaches in Dubrovnik! The spacious studio would be great for two travelers.

This villa would also be ideal for two travelers, just a few steps from the Pile Gate and the Old Town. It’s also in a quiet corner that usually doesn’t have many tourists passing.

And, if you’re willing to hike up a bit of stairs, I think this may be this villa may be the best option for groups staying near the Old Town. They offer studios, 1 and 2 bedroom apartments, which would be great for families. Also, check out that cool pool!

Best Boutique Hotels in Dubrovnik

Boutique hotels in Dubrovnik are the best way to experience the finest, Adriatic luxury. While there are only a handful of proper boutique hotels, each one prides itself on providing a very personalized experience. Naturally, some of the best hotels in Dubrovnik happen to be boutique hotels.

Other than the two boutique hotels I mentioned within the Old Town itself, there is one particular area near the Old Town where you will find most of the boutique hotels. If you walk past Ploce and Banje Beach, you’ll begin to stumble in the best of Dubrovnik’s luxury accommodations.

(View from the gorgeous terrace at Hotel Excelsior, where my mom had her wedding a couple years ago!)

Hotel Excelsior

First, you’ll find Hotel Excelsior. I can say from first-hand experience that this hotel truly earned all of its 5 stars with its excellent location, spacious rooms, thoughtful design, and quality service. This is actually where my mom got married here in Dubrovnik a few years ago, and so it was always have a special place in my heart. I definitely recommend this place to anyone looking for luxury accommodation in Dubrovnik.

Grand Villa Argentina

Next you have Grand Villa Argentina, another 5-star hotel right along the Adriatic. This is also an ideal spot for couples or even single travelers. If you have a bigger group and would like to have your own villa, you can book Villa Glavic. It’s owned by Villa Argentina, so you still can have access to the pool, beach, and hotel facilities!

Villa Dubrovnik

Lastly in this area, you also have the famous Villa Dubrovnik, the definition of boutique luxury on the Adriatic. This 5-star hotel combines modern design with the gorgeous Dalmatian stone, with its own private spa, beach, and two restaurants. Villa Dubrovnik also offers free shuttle services into the Old Town from the hotel!

Best Hotels in Dubrovnik Near Gruz

The further you move out of the Old Town, the bigger the hotels start to get. As you begin to move into Gruz and then Lapad, you’ll see boutique hotels replaced by large ones. This is why I always suggest larger groups to stay in Gruz or Lapad, as there are more accommodation options.

Technically between the main port of Gruz and the Old Town, you’ll find three hotels that are very centrally located.

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Rixos Hotel

The first is Rixos Hotel, a 5-star hotel with a spa, 2 restaurants, and 3 bars. I’ve been to many events and am currently planning a destination wedding here. The area is beautiful, and it’s only 15 minutes from the Old Town.

Hotel Bellevue

Next to here you also have ANOTHER 5-star hotel, called Hotel Bellevue. This hotel has a great, private beach, spa, and a special wine bar with a variety of local wines. The decor is extremely modern and bright, and I often love to come here and work on my laptop.

Hotel Lero

Moving further into Gruz and closer to the actual port you’ll find options that are a bit more budget-friendly. First, you have Hotel Lero, a 4-star hotel also within about 15-20 minutes walking to the Old Town. I think the spa here is one of the best in the area, and it is a popular place among locals to get manicures and other treatments here. Also, you’ll find the famous Taj Mahal Bosnian restaurant within this hotel, voted the best restaurant in Dubrovnik!

Though I haven’t stayed at either of these locations, you can also stay at Hotel Adria or Berkeley Hotel and Spa in Gruz. Both of them look over the Gruz port and surrounding area for a really breathtaking view of the area.

Hostels in Dubrovnik Near Gruz

Gruz is also a really good area if you happen to be a budget traveler and would like to stay in a hostel instead. First you have Hostel 365, which is definitely the closest to the Old Town and is in a good location. You also have Hostel Sol and Hostel Euro Adria that are popular among backpackers and many young people.

Best Hotels in Dubrovnik Near Lapad

View from Hotel Kompas

Lapad is definitely my favorite area within Dubrovnik for the gorgeous Sunset beaches and lively Uvala walking street filled with cafes, restaurants, and live music. It’s about a 20 minute walk into the Old Town from here, or a short bus ride from several bus stations.

You’ll also find the highest concentration of hotels and apartments in this area, which means it does get busy here during the summer. Depending on where you stay, you can either be in the center of action or secluded with privacy.

Hotel Kompas

To start, one of my favorite hotels in the area is Hotel Kompas, with one of the best rooftop bars with a view in town. I also really love the food in the restaurant here, especially since they often do live music. Other than the prime location overlooking sunset beach, the minimalist decor is really what makes this place standout.

Grand Hotel Park

Right across from here you also have Grand Hotel Park with an equally impressive view. I ended up staying here with one of our group trips we helped organize, and I was surprised I had no idea how nice it was inside the gated hotel. The view of the pool, courtyard, and Lapad Bay is definitely pretty hard to beat. I also found the staff extremely helpful and polite.

Hotel More

A bit further down along the seaside walkway you’ll find yourself at the 5-star Hotel More. This is a great, boutique hotel tucked away in a quiet region of Lapad with a private spa and beach. This hotel is most known for having the “Cave Bar”, a bar literally carved out of the seaside cave! It’s always my favorite place to take friends when they visit.

Valamar Club Hotel

And if you’re looking to stay somewhere with the kids or a big family, I would definitely recommend Valamar Club Hotel. This is actually one of the only “resort” type accommodation options in Dubrovnik, with several different pools, sports areas, various restaurants, and buffets at all time of the day. It’s in such a gorgeous and quite area, so you can definitely let the kids run around while you relax by the pool with a drink!

Apartments in Lapad Near Dubrovnik

There are several other hotels in the Lapad region, but at the mid-range price range, I honestly think it would be better to book an apartment. Especially since there are so many nice ones in the area! One of my closest friends here owns these apartments in Lapad. The flats are very spacious and scenic, also overlooking Lapad Bay. I really love her attention to detail with making these apartments almost feel like a hotel!

You can book this duplex apartment with 3 bedrooms if you are coming with a bigger group. It is centrally located near the Uvala area of Lapad, and also walking distance into the Old Town.

I especially LOVE that this eco-friendly villa is taking the extra effort to make their accommodation more green, including using solar panels. Not to mention, I love that pool overlooking the sea!

Hotels in Mlini and Zupa region

Zupa is the up-and-coming area of Dubrovnik, and it also happens to be the neck of the woods that I call home. It’s filled with beautiful beaches, restaurants, and many different accommodation options. Only a 30 minute boat ride of 15 minute bus ride (with no traffic) from the Old Town, this area has become quite popular for European tourists especially.

The Zupa area consists of a few different areas, some inland but most are right on the water. The areas I would recommend staying are Srebeno, Mlini, Soline, and Plat.

One Suite Hotel

Centrally located along the main road is the boutique hotel One Suite Hotel. Not only is it one of the newest hotels in the area with a rooftop pool, the restaurant Lokal is worth a trip alone. This is a common place I come for “brunch and beats” or to work on my laptop.

View of Srebeno bay near the Sheraton Hotel from a Mlini Villa.

Sheraton Hotel

If you walk further down towards the water, you’ll find the 5-star Sheraton Hotel tucked away on the coast. I recently had a “staycation” here and left feeling so refreshed. The hotel has a large pool overlooking the beach, on-site restaurants and bars, and probably the biggest spa of the hotels in the area. The rooms are also super modern and have a great view. Oh, and the breakfast buffet still has me drooling!

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Hotel Mlini

If you follow the seaside walkway you’ll soon find yourself in the heart of Mlini. This is probably the most popular area to stay in Zupa, as there are so many accommodation options to choose from that are right on the water.

The first is Hotel Mlini, which is also a boutique hotel right on the coast. I love the modern, coastal decor and the beachfront restaurants and bars. This is also where I recommend groups stay that would like luxury accommodation.

Hotel Astarea

A bit further from here you have Hotel Astarea, which is technically somewhat connected to Hotel Mlini. This hotel has more of a resort feel, which would be ideal for families or older couples that would like to have everything they need on site.

Although it’s a little less modern, it’s a budget-friendly option while you still get access to all of the same pools and outdoor restaurants at Hotel Mlini. I also LOVE the food here. I recently went to a wedding here, and it was the best food I’ve ever had at a wedding!

Apartments in Mlini/Zupa region

Kupari plat zupa srebeno beaches in dubrovnik croatia

There are also SO many apartments and villas to choose from, that I honestly always recommend people stay in this area of town in the peak summer season. For example, you can stay in this modern two bedroom apartment with a panoramic view of the sea. It’s also super close to the beach and walking trails, which would make it great for a family or a group of travelers!

Another great option for a larger group would be this villa, which I’ve stayed at before and loved! It also has a great seaview, outdoor kitchen “konoaba” area for grilling, and private parking. You can either rent out a single room or the entire place for larger groups.

If you’d like to stay a bit further into Zupa and moving closer to Cavtat, consider staying in the quaint seaside village of Plat. You have 6 seperate beaches here that are practically empty in the summer, an infinite pool, and a boat that will take you right into the harbor of the Old Town.

There’s also two really good local restaurants and a beach bar in this area. Consider staying at our family’s apartments here to experience the true local Croatian life.

Hotels in Cavtat

If you’d like to stay where was voted “best small town in Croatia”, consider booking accommodation in Cavtat. This is a really popular day trip from Dubrovnik, and it’s becoming a hot location for people to stay instead of central Dubrovnik. The lush forests, coastal walkways, great restaurants, old town and walking promenade definitely offer a quite different experience than central Dubrovnik.

Hotel Cavtat

There’s also a few great hotels here that are some of the best in the area. First you have Hotel Cavtat, which I can safely say probably has the best rooftop pool in the Dubrovnik area! The seaside balconies also have an incredible view of the sea and would be great for a couple.

Remisens Hotel Albatros

If you happen to be coming with your family and would like to stay in Cavtat, I would recommend staying at the new Remisens Hotel Albatros. It has more of a kid-friendly resort feel and is centrally located in an area of Cavtat that you can either relax by the pool or let the kids go explore.

Hotel Croatia

You also have Hotel Croatia, which is a large resort that is a bit more secluded for a very peaceful stay in Cavtat. I love the seaside lounge here and the view overlooking the Cavtat Bay.

Apartments and accommodation in Cavtat

Apartments and villas in this area are plentiful and are great if you want an entire apartment and the freedom to have your own kitchen.

For example, this villa offers both studio apartments and 2-bedroom apartments for larger group.

I love the lush gardens in the surrounding space, especially with that private pool! This apartment is similar but in a slightly smaller, more exclusive space.

Accommodation in Konavle

Pasjaca beach in Konavle Valley, outside of Dubrovnik. The cliff-side beach on the Adriatic was the winner of Best Beach in Europe by European Best Destinations

Lastly, if you are really into getting off-the-beaten path and want to truly experience the untouched wildlife of the area, I would definitely recommend staying in the Konavle region that is close to Dubrovnik’s airport. It’s best to be in this area if you are coming with a car, and prefer having an apartment.

Also, Pasjaca beach, winner of “best beach in Europe” is located in this area. This apartment would be a good choice for 2-4 travelers wanting to stay close to this beach. It’s also a great area for hiking and exploring.

This modern apartment offers a traditional Dalmatian breakfast with a terrace overlooking the Konavle valley. If you’re looking for a place with a private pool surrounded by olive trees, these apartments would be the ultimate tranquil experience truly surrounded by nature.

If you found this accommodation guide helpful, I please ask that you use any of the custom links above so I can earn a small commission. This allows me to run my site with free information to help you have the authentic Dubrovnik experience you deserve.

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