“We must let go of the life we had planned to make room for the life that waits for us.”

Joseph Campbell

Hi there! My name is Alex Schmidt, and I am the voice behind the Mindful Mermaid blog.

I live in Dubrovnik, Croatia with my Croatian boyfriend, and work remotely as a web designer and marketing consultant.

I also am a Croatia travel consultant, and help others experience the best this gem of a country has to offer.

How did I end up here, you ask?

Well,  I never planned on it, that’s for sure. I’m a Minnesota-native who relocated to Chicago to study journalism and sustainability at Loyola University. I was on track to go to law school, but after impulsively deciding to study abroad in Nice, France, and then Dubrovnik, Croatia my priorities changed.

I realized that I wanted more flexibility in both my career and lifestyle.

 I also decided I wanted to build something that was completely my own and see where it takes me.  So that’s when I made the decision to ditch the 9-5 grind after graduating, start a blog, and see where it takes me.

I moved to Europe after graduation and I lived in Cork, Ireland for one year on a working holiday visa with my boyfriend. I worked as an international advisor at an Irish University, while working on my blog on the side.

I later returned back to Dubrovnik, Croatia, the one place that’s always felt like home to me on this side of the world.

I now live here full time, using “the pearl of the Adriatic” as a base to explore the surrounding Balkan and European region. Although I don’t make a full-time living from my blog per se, it has taught me marketable skills as both a digital marketer and travel consultant.

It may seem like I’m living a life of luxury, but I actually live quite humbly in my-day to-day life.

I enjoy cooking at home with food from our garden, taking our dog for walks along the beach (and watching him try to eat the waves), and exploring the culture and nature of the Croatia region with friends.

If you’d like to keep up with me on the daily, follow me on my Instagram, @the_mindful_mermaid.

About the blog

With my background in journalism, sustainability, and advocacy, I have established my authority and unique voice as one of the top conscious travel and lifestyle blogs. I have been featured in Feed Spot, Green Global Travel, Matador, Croatia Week, Matador Network, Hotel World and Expert Vagabond.

The Mindful Mermaid is a personality-based travel and lifestyle blog to help readers make an impact through their travels and every-day life. Through my personal narrative and insider guiders, I explore the intersections of culture, responsible travel, and mindfulness.

To me, being “mindful” is not just some hippie-dippie thing you do in the back of a yoga class. While mindfulness does start with introspection and self-awareness, mindfulness must also intersect with community, culture, and the planet.

I aim for my content on my blog to fit into one of the above categories. My lifestyle pieces are meant to inspire this self-awareness in others, while my travel tips and guides are curated with authenticity and responsible travel in mind.

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