After two years of living out of two suitcases in Europe, minimalism is both a value and a necessity for me. I’ve replaced impulse shopping with buying smart for my nomadic lifestyle. As a result, my mind and space feels a lot less cluttered.

But while packing a carry-on for my recent trip to Northern Italy, I realized that accessories like purses and electronics are literally weighing my travels down.

I’ve finally found a solution to solve my packing problems. A Dutch company by the name of Allocacoc invented an innovative 4-in-1 bag that folds from a backpack to a tote, to a shopper, to a cross-body bag. In addition to the fold bag, Allocacoc also offers a compact travel adapter that works in over 5 countries.

Here’s how these products will help the chronic over-packer travel light.

The 4 in 1 bag

I always struggle with what bags to pack when traveling. I usually need something to hold my laptop while working on the road. I also usually bring a separate camera bag. And sometimes I like to slip in a light cross body for when I’m tired of carrying bulky electronics. But it’s hard to find one bag that can suit all of these needs.

Allocacoc obviously understood this dilemma. The Dutch company has better design at the core of its products, including the fold bag that was originally funded by Kick-starter.

The bag is made of PU leather and comes in black, green, blue, gray, tan, and brown. At 70 euros or about $100 USD, it’s essentially getting 4 quality bags in one. Here are the different settings for the bag:

The backpack   

Unlike a lot of bulky backpacks, the fold bag has a sleek and simple composition. Wearing it this way has the zipper on the side, which is perfect for storing a laptop, books, or other electronics. There’s also a small compartment that fits items like phones, purses or wallets.

The backpack can be worn with either this compartment at the top or bottom. Without any zippers that open the backpack directly from the front, this will help prevent theft while traveling.

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The shopper

By simply pulling the strap through, this backpack also turns into a shopping bag. Ditch the plastic for your groceries and shopping by using this instead. Or if you’re like me, this can also double as another functional laptop bag for travel.

The tote

Say goodbye to canvas tote bags that you somehow always forget to bring. If you flip the bag around horizontally, this bag turns into a versatile tote bag. Also say goodbye to your tote bag hanging wide open, vulnerable to theft. With the zipper at the bottom, you’ll avoid pesky pick-pocketers as well.


The cross-body/camera bag

I found it strangely satisfying pulling the strap through to watch this fold into a cross-body bag. This is my favorite of the four settings by far, because I’ve actually been searching for the perfect brown cross-body for so long. I also realized that it perfectly fits my Sony a6000 camera inside, with just enough room for my phone and small wallet in the front pocket.

Even though there this bag is so expandable, the best part is that it shrinks down to fit easily into any suitcase or carry on.

I’ve had this bag for almost a week, and I’m already finding that I’m getting so much use out of it, and actually received quite a few compliments.

If you’re interested in winning a fold bag for yourself, check out my Instagram giveaway for a giveaway from  May 20th to May 27th.

You can check out the other colors here.

The PowerCube ReWirable travel adapter

I’m not sure what’s worse: realizing you don’t have the right travel adapter or realizing you don’t have enough sockets to charge your dying electronics. Yes, first world problems I know, but it’s usually these small situations that snowball into a travel disaster.

Allocacoc’s PowerCube ReWirable travel adapter is made to prevent these situations by including a set of travel plugs for Europe, America, China/Australia, and the UK. So again, this is actually 4 products in 1.

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What’s more is that it can also double as a regular power strip by switching out the travel plugs for your own country or IEC cable when you’re not traveling. It’s multi-functional design is the reason it won a Sustainable Dutch Design award. 

For me, my journey towards a more minimalist lifestyle started with packing light. I find that every time I pack a carry on I reevaluate the items that I really need not only in my travels, but in my life.

Luckily, the versatile FoldBag and ReWirable are both be pieces that take up little space but provide a lot of value in my suitcase.

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*This post is sponsored by Allocacoc, however, I only feature products on my website that I use and trust myself. As always, opinions are my own, and other opinions on my website do not necessarily reflect those of this brand.

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