Sustainable Style Tip: Reclaimed Clothing

Jeans from Buffalo Exchange in Wicker Park, Chicago.

Did you know that the fashion industry is the second largest industrial polluter? The $3 trillion industry is simultaneously depleting global water supplies, with 20 percent of commercial products coming from water-scarce regions.

Having this daunting reality on my mind, I’ve recently been trying to avoid fast fashion and find creative ways to be a sustainable shopper. One simple way to make your style a little more green is to shop used, recycled clothing.

I also dressed these down for an athleisure look.

I was looking for a pair of ripped boyfriend jeans and found these at Buffalo Exchange in Wicker Park, Chicago. The original tags were still attached, and looked almost identical to the ones I fell in love with in the Topshop window.

One pair of blue jeans alone accounts for 1,800 gallons of water just to produce it. However, opting for gently-used clothing eliminates this energy needed for initial production. You’d honestly be surprised the gems you can find at a Crossroads or Buffalo Exchange. Not only is it better for the planet, it’s better for your wallet.

Levi Strauss & Co.ย  is one major brand challenging business as usual. The apparel company remains committed to more sustainable water-use and has formed partnerships with various energy and environmental organizations around the world. By 2020, Levi’s goal is to use 100 percent sustainable cotton and save 50 billion liters of water.

We all have a lot to learn about sustainable fashion, including myself. Any sustainable style tips or comments? Leave a message below!

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